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How to Fix Windows Won't Start Up Problems?

Aug. 13, 2015 2:06 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Windows Help
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BOOTMGR is missing

Someday, you have no idea what has happened. When you boot up your computer, Windows won't start normally. Safe mode, start windows normally and Windows repair (recommended) don't work. It just shows you a Microsoft Windows logo, like Windows is loading files and then it stuck there or even gives you a black screen showing error messages like BOOTMGR is missing, NTLDR is missing,or even worst just a blue screen of death. What to do? There are quite a few of files, pictures and videos on it! I can't afford to lose! How can I fix this computer boot up problem? Don't worry. Here are solutions to start Windows properly.

Why your Computer Won't Start up Windows?

The Blue Screen of Death, also known as a stop error or a bug check, is the error screen displayed by the Windows operating systems upon encountering a critical error that causes the system to crash. It is named after the color of the screen generated by the error. For the other cases, since you are able to see the Windows logo, we can tell that your operating system is crashed, corrupted or damaged instead of hardware problems. And for system boot up files missing or corrupted, Windows start up problem may be caused by different reasons. So that's why your computer won't start up normally. There are common reasons like:

Windows Start Up Errors

Of course, the most desirable thing you want is to fix Windows won't start up issue. But before you do anything to fix this computer problem, you must be worrying about your data on the computer. Therefore, the very first thing you need to do is, make sure all your important files are safely backed up. Once your data's backed up, you can continue to repair your computer.

Fix Windows Won't Start up Problem

"Try safe mode!" or "Do a startup repair!" are the usual pieces of wisdom you think about when Windows fails to boot. In some cases, this just doesn't get the job done. If this happen to you, you need a third-party program to help you. Fix Genius allows you to perform any system rescue tasks even though your Windows system won't boot: Create a boot disk, boot your computer from CD/DVD/USB, then enter the Win PE system and repair the system, fix all booting problems and recover lost data.

This "Windows won't start" troubleshooting tool apply no matter what Windows operating system you have installed on your hard drive, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

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