How do I Rid of Black Screen of Death

Symptoms of Black Screen of Death

When you are trying to start your Windows system, your monitor may show a black screen and the computer is beeping immediately after the power-on self test (POST) is complete and before the Windows logo typically appears on the screen.

Not Serious as Blue Screen of Death

How bad is this error, compared to the Blue Screen of Death? They are entirely different issues. The Blue Screen of Death represents hardware or driver failure, meaning something is wrong deep within the computer. The Black Screen of Death is relatively easy to fix and doesn't means there is something physically wrong with your hardware.

Causes of Computer Black Screen

Black screen on startup may occur if one of the following conditions is true:

Cause 1

When you start the computer, you have a CD, a DVD or a floppy disk in your CD, DVD, or floppy drive, which your computer tries to boot from.

Cause 2

One or more of the following elements are corrupted and will not load during the boot sequence of the computer:

  • Master boot record
  • Partition tables
  • Boot sector
  • NTLDR file

Solution of Laptop Black Screen

Fix Genius, an excellent strategy in case of emergency, allows you to perform a variety of maintenance-related tasks for your Windows system including black screen of death, blue screen, crash, beeping and etc. It works well with almost all computer brands and modules release to date: HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, Toshiba, and etc. It provides you all-inclusive features no matter you need to fix Windows 10 Black screen of death, Windows 7 black screen, Windows 8 black screen, XP black screen, Vista black screen, and etc.

Instructions of How to Fix Black Screen

Step 1: Create a Boot Disk

This program doesn't offer a trial version. You need to purchase it. Then you will receive an Email with download link and license from. Download, install, and run it on a bootable computer if your computer won't boot. Connect your CD/DVD/USB to your computer. This application checks the CD/DVD drive or USB drive automatically. Just hit "Burn" to create a bootable disk.

Step 2: Boot Your Computer from CD/DVD/USB

Fix Genius provides you a solution to fix computer black screen under Windows Win PE technology. Therefore, no matter your computer appears black screen before, after or at the moment you enter into the loading bar, let your computer boot from CD/DVD/USB. (Go to see how to set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD/USB).

Step 3: Fix Computer Black Screen

It'll take you a few minutes to load into the system. When you're in, run this black screen of death fixing tool and go to the "Windows Rescue", choose the solution which best describe your symptoms and follow each tools one by one until you completely combat computer black screen error.

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