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Forgot Windows XP Password? -- How to Reset Windows XP Password

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forgot Windows XP password

If you are a XP user, setting a strong Windows login password is a good way to protect your computer and personal information. However, sometimes we forgot Windows XP password, and thus losing access to our computer and all work documents, family videos, important contacts. That is really annoying. To save you this trouble, we details 3 efficient and frequently used methods dealing with Windows XP password reset in the following paragraphs. See through the article and find which is best for you!

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Method I. Log on as an Administrator to Change Windows XP Password

Log on as an administrator.

  • a. Restart the computer.
  • b. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE two times, and then type the name of the administrator user account.
    Note: If you do not know any other administrator user account, try to type "Adminstrator" in the "User name" box.
  • c. In the "Password" box, type the administrator password, and then click OK.
    Note: If you do not know the administrator password, leave it blank, and then click OK.

Reset the password

  • a. Click Start, and then click Run.
  • b. Type "control userpasswords2", and then click OK.
  • c. On the Users tab, click the name of the user account that you want to reset the password for, and then click Reset Password.
  • d. Type a new password in the "New password box", and then type the password again in the Confirm new password box, and then click OK.
  • e. Restart the computer, and then try to log on to Windows XP again.

If you have created a password reset disk, it is also possible to reset Windows XP password using the Windows XP password reset disk. See Method II below.

Method II. Use a Password Reset Disk to Crack Windows XP Password

reset Windows XP password

If you do not have a reset disk or cannot log on as an administrator, how can we recover Windows XP admin password or other accounts password? Many would think that the only solution is to reinstall Windows XP and all other programs that were installed on the computer. Actually, you can do more than that, and Method III will give you a perfect explanation.

Method III. Use Windows XP Password Recovery Tool if You Forgot Windows XP Password

It's important to choose a reliable Windows XP password recovery tool. Windows XP Password Reset is a tool that you could trust. It is a powerful Windows password recovery tool designed for users who want to hack Windows XP password and other Windows passwords. More importantly, it could help users find or change Windows password accurately and easily with no need to reinstall the system. All that needed is a USB flash drive or a CD/DVD and another computer from which you could download the software and copy an ISO image of this software to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD.

Lost password Windows XP is actually not that terrible, you could choose one of the three methods above to hack Windows XP password on your computer. We highly suggest you to save the USB or CD/DVD to a safe place in case you need it to remove Windows XP password next time.

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