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I Forgot Windows Vista Password! How to Reset Windows Vista Password?

Dec. 05, 2012 11:36 am / Updated by Jerry Cook to Fix Computer
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forgot vista password

"My uncle has been using Windows Vista for quite a long time, lately he forgot Windows Vista password after he had a 10-day business trip! He had thought about keeping the computer on forever, which I think is a stupid idea. He does not have a "reset disk" to reset Vista password as suggested as an option on the log on screen. Is there anything else we can try? I really don't think he should keep the computer working all the time."

- Andy

Recover Windows Vista password is a not an easy thing, because Windows Vista has got strong password protection. The best thing you can do is to learn some tricks about Windows Vista password recovery in this article which simplifies a way to reset Windows Vista admin password with a bootable password reset disk.

In this method we need the help from a tool Windows Vista Password Reset, which has a superb performance in helping users to reset Windows Vista password as well as other Windows password such as Windows 8 password, Windows 7 password, Windows Server password, etc. Let's see how it helps to crack Windows Vista password with a USB flash drive or CD/DVD.

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Part 1. Recover Vista Password with Windows Vista Password Reset Tool

Step 1: Download and install Windows Vista Password Reset tool

You should download Windows Vista Password Reset tool using a computer that you have access to. It only takes me 5 minutes to finish the download and installation. As for different internet speed and computer, the time cost will be different.

Step 2: Burn Windows Vista Password Reset to a blank USB or CD/DVD

Prepare for a blank and writable USB flash drive or CD/DVD and then insert it to an accessible computer for burning the ISO image of Windows Password Reset tool to the CD/DVD or USB. In this way a bootable Windows Vista password recovery disk has been created.

Step 3: Change BIOS settings

Change BIOS settings to make the computer that is password locked boot from Removable Devices or CD-Rom Drive. Use your keyboard to help you complete this process.

reset vista password

Step 4: Hack Windows Vista Password with the bootable USB Drive or CD/DVD

When the computer displays the screen of Windows Vista Password Reset you need to select target Windows account to let the program remove Windows Vista password.

vista password recovery

When you forgot Vista password, try this method which saves you the trouble to reinstall operating system and gives you a quick access to your PC. Share with your friends how you crack Windows Vista password on facebook or twitter if you find this help you find lost Windows Vista password!

Part 2. How to Create a Windows Vista Password Reset Disk Beforehand

In the beginning of this text we mentioned a way to recover Windows Vista admin password by using Windows Vista password reset disk. And I'd like to share with you how to create a Windows password reset disk in this part.

This offers you another solution if you want to recover Windows Vista password, keep your Windows Vista password reset disk in a safe place in case you might need it one day.

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