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How to Create a Bootable USB or Burn a Bootable CD by Yourself

Aug. 13, 2015 07:58 am / Updated by Jerry Cook to Fix Computer
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With the increasing usage of netbooks and other laptops that equipment without optical drives, USB flash drive has become more and more popular for storing, sharing data and fro installing operating system or running "live" installations. Compared with CD, it is higher in capacity, faster to copy data and faster to access during the access times. Moreover, USB flash drive is durable and therefore a more viable option for the creation of emergency boot disc.

Before creating a bootable USB flash drive, your computer's BIOS must support booting from USB. Older computers will be unable to boot from USB, while newer systems should have native support or a BIOS flash upgrade available.

Fix Genius, a reliable computer emergency solution, can create bootable USB by burning bootable ISO images to a USB hard drive. If needed, you can boot your computer with this USB to fix system errors and get your computer back to working order. Of course, if you need to create bootable CD, it works as well.

Here's a definitive guide to making a bootable USB or a bootable CD with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, or Vista in just 1 step. We also provide options of troubleshoot a crashed computer if you need.

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Part I: How to Create a Bootable USB or Burn a Bootable CD

With only ONE step, you can finish burning a bootable USB or a bootable CD. Prepare a blank CD or writable USB flash drive and a usable computer. Insert it into your computer. Download, install and launch Fix Genius on your computer. On the main interface, you just need to click "Burn"button. The whole process only takes several minutes on even the lowest computer. Quite Easy, isn't it? Try it now.

burn boot usb

Part II: Additional: How to Survive a Computer with Errors

If you are encountering a computer that won't start up, freeze, or crash, keep on reading to find how to use this bootable USB disk or bootable CD to solve all system problems.

Step 1: Boot Your Computer from USB

Change the BIOS boot order so the USB device is listed first: Press setup key (i.e. DELETE key, F8 key, F2 key) to access the BIOS setting on your computer. By using the arrows on your keyboard, scroll down to "Boot Device Select"and press "Enter". Move USB or CD/DVD to the first boot device. Save your changes. The computer will reboot automatically and attempt to access to the system that's installed on the USB.

create boot usb

Step 2: Fix Computer Issues

After about half a minute, you will load to the system successfully. Launch Fix Genius and go to "Windows Rescue". There are several recovery solutions: crash before loading bar, crash on loading bar, crash after loading bar, and even restore Windows system to the previous state. According to the symptoms along with these solutions, find one beset describing your scenario. Under each solution, it provides a handful of utilities. Try them one by one until you have the problem solved.

create bootable usb

Creating bootable USB is essential because mishaps are likely to occur when you are not prepared. Try it now. It's easy than you imagined.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
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