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How to Backup Windows including Backup Windows 7

Dec. 12, 2012 01:50 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Fix Computer
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Why Should We Back Up Windows

how to backup windows

Computers and data have become an important part of our life now; therefore it is essential to keep all your data safe. To backup Windows or we could call backup OS will be a good choice. You can restore OS and get back to the previous state from your OS backup after operating system upgrade failure. Or when your encounter system issues while you are busy working with your PC, you can get a quick fix by restore OS from backup instead of reinstallation.

Now it's time to see how our plan to back up the entire disk or partition that contains Windows system files goes. And we will take Windows 7 for example.

Create an Image File to Backup Windows 7

To backup OS the easiest way is using Windows Backup which allows you to backup Windows 8, backup Windows 7, backup Windows XP and other OS with simply a few clicks of the mouse. We will take Windows 7 for example.

Step 1. First of all you should connect an external hard drive or other removable media to your computer, so that you can save the image file of Windows backup.

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Step 2. Run Windows Backup and select "Disk to Image" from the 6 options on the interface of the software. This option allows you to create backup copies of your whole Windows system on your hard drive.

Note: You could choose "Partition to Image" if all your Windows system files are stored in a specific partition.

Step 3. Click "Next" after you select the hard disk where your Windows system files are stored.

How to backup Windows 7

Step 4. Specify a location on your external hard drive to save the backup image that this software extracts, and name the image file with an .img suffix after the location.

How to restore windows 7

Step 5. Choose compress level and then click "Next". If you choose a higher compress level, the archive will have a less size is. However, it will take longer time.

Step 6. The backup process starts and will last several minutes. After it completes, all the data on this disk will be backed up in an IMG file. And you have successfully backed up Windows, for example backup Windows Vista. As this method works for all Windows system, you must know how to backup Windows now.

How to backup os

Use Backup System Image to Restore OS

Step 1. Insert the external drive containing the image file into your computer. Select "Disk from Image" on the main interface.

Step 2. You are then required to choose Archive Location of the folder which contains the image file you created before. And then click "Next".

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Step 3. Select the hard drive you are going to restore.

Step 4. When the restoring process finishes you have successfully restored OS.

Guess you must know clearly how to back up Windows next time, and you will never be bothered by Windows system crash or something like this.

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