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How to Repair Damaged or Corrupted Partition and Rescue Data

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A partition table can map out the space on a hard drive into separate data areas. If a partition table becomes corrupted or damaged due to viruses or other computer errors, the data in it turns to invisible and inaccessible. To one's joy, damage done to the partition table does not make trouble to the data stored on individual partitions and you can easily rescue partition table and restore data.

Besides viruses, partition can be lost due to severely computer errors like BIOS bugs, operating system bugs or crashes of third party software. Imaging there are four partitions C, D, E, F in your computer, if one of them got damaged, you will see the partition is still there, yet, you can't get access to it. Or you may encounter messages like "invalid partition table", "missing operating system" while you are trying to take use of it. When the partition table structure becomes corrupted, you need a piece of special software to repair it and regain data.

Rescue partition software and Rescue partition for Mac software are such powerful and read-only partition recovery software designed to securely reconstruct confusedly partition table and retrieve data from it for Windows and Mac users. Check the following guide to know about how to repair partition table and recoup data in Windows

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I: How to Rescue Partition for Windows?

Step 1: Scan Hard Disk

Download Partition Rescue and install it on PC. Launch the program. In the main screen, choose "Partition Recovery". Check the hard disk and click "Scan".

partition rescue

  • Backup Partition Table: Make a backup of the damaged partition for further use
  • Restore Partition Table: Restore *.bin files you have backed up

Step 2: Recover Partition Table

You can see all partitions in the hard disk displayed there. Click "Next" to restore partitions.

rescue partition

Step 3: Recover Files from Lost Partition

Then all the lost files on this partition are found. You can select the files you need to recover and click "Recover" to proceed.

rescue partition

For formatted partition, please choose "Format Recovery", corresponding partition and file system. Then click "Scan" to begin data recovery.

II. How to Rescue volume on Mac?

If you are using Mac machine, you need to turn to Mac Volume Rescue. Go for the tutorial of how to rescue volume on Mac.

rescue recovery mac

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