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Windows Partition - How to Partition Hard Drive

Dec. 30, 2012 11:17 am / Updated by Jerry Cook to Windows Parition Manager
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Does the idea of separating one physical hard drive into multiple independent volumes ever come to you? This is called partition hard drive or Windows Partition, and it could relieve all sorts of computer-related headaches and make the most of your hard drive. Partition hard drive means to divide the hard drive into parts and make those parts available to the operating system.

partition hard drive

Why Partitioning Your Hard Drive Makes Sense

Most PCs come from the factory with only one partition on their hard drive, which means that it shows up as one drive in the Computer window (as C:, typically). As a result all your data, applications, and operating system will be kept on the same partition. This is really risky because, if something happens to the partition's index file (the file that tells your computer where the various pieces of your data are located), your computer won't be able to boot up off that drive--and even if you boot up with a recovery disc or external drive, you won't be able to access the rest of your data. Therefore it is very necessary to partition hard drive, for example if you're running Windows 8 you could partition hard drive windows 8, and make the best of your hard drive.

Download Partition Manager Software:

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How to Partition

It is easy to do Windows partition with Partition Manager - a small yet powerful utility that allow you to do a lot of changes to your hard drive partitions besides partition hard drive, such as creating, deleting, and formatting partitions. What's more you can shrink and copy partitions easily with this tool at hand. It is also capable of partition external hard drive, such as partition USB drive, partition memory card (including SD card, CF card, memory stick, etc.) for us. See the steps below to learn how to partition hard drive.

I'm sure you must know exactly how to partition Windows 7 now. Another merit of Fix Genius is that it works equally well with all Windows operating systems and you could feel free to use Fix Genius to do Windows partition.

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