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How to Recover Deleted Songs From iPod

Mar. 14, 2013 11:37 am / Posted by Jerry Cook to Data Recovery Tips
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iPod is a fashionable and handy digital product to store great plenty of music and other data. With flash memory and no moving parts like hard drives, it is not so easy for iPod to lost music. However, sometimes this does happen due to the following situations.

Reasons of Losing Music from iPod

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Notes before You Recover Deleted Songs From iPod

Before you search the Internet to find out ways to recover iPod music, the very important thing you need to know is that your songs are not erased and they are hidden in the space of your iPod. Only when the space that the music occupies is overwritten by new files would they get lost forever. Therefore, stop using your iPod immediately and do not put any new files into it. Then you can try Photo Recovery (used as iPod Music Recovery) to help you recover deleted songs from iPod.

What Is iPod Music Recovery?

Don't be confused by the name Photo Recovery! It is not exclusive to recover photos. In fact, Photo Recovery is a top-notch data recovery program for Windows OS that can help you recover lost music from iPod, as well as photos, video and other files.

The Way to Recover Music from iPod (Including Two Parts)

Part 1: Run iTunes and Enable Disk Use for iPod Touch 4/5

Part 2: Use Photo Recovery to Recover Songs from iPod

Done! Now you have achieved the goal to recover music from iPod and you can enjoy the music just like you have never lost them.

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