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Free Mac Data Recovery - Effective Steps to Recover Deleted, Lost File on Mac Free

Aug. 14, 2014 11:44 am / Updated by Jerry Cook to Data Recovery on Mac
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free mac data recovery

Accidently deleted important data on you Mac and emptied the Trash Bin? Lost your files from external hard drive, say SD card, on Mac OS X? If you encountered such tragedy, then pity for you. Yet, if you are looking for solutions for free data recovery on Mac OS X, then you are in the exact place. Congratulations!

To get back the deleted or lost files on Mac, confirm something and then recover files on Mac with free tools, which surely includes the introduction of free Mac data recovery software for macOS 10.12 Sierra, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7, 10.6 or more.

How to Free Recover Photos, Videos, Music or Other Document on Mac

Once you've lost important data, don't panic. Just take a breath and follow the steps below to recover lost files on Mac free.

Step 1. Check Folder and the Trash Bin

Before you go into full-on Mac data recovery for free or pay, the first important step is to check the folder you had saved the files in and the Trash Bin on your Mac. Many of you may accidently delete your files and if you haven't empty the Trash Bin yet, most likely the deleted files are stored in it. Luckily if you find them, just highlight them and click the "Put back" button or just drag them out of Trash Bin. What if you can't see any of the lost files in Trash Bin? Go to step 2.

Step 2. Stop Using Your Mac as Less as Possible

In fact, when you deleted or lost files on Mac, you just lose the access of the files from the system. The space once occupied by the deleted data is marked as "available to reuse". All the deleted files would remain physically intact on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. Therefore, stop using your Mac as less as possible to avoid the chance that your Mac would write information to the space of the hard drive. Then you can navigate to step 3 for the data recovery freeware for Mac.

Step 3. Go to Free Mac Data Recovery

After step 1 and step 2 are done, you can feel at ease to try the free Mac data recovery software. However, things are more complicate than we think. There are few actual programs to recover deleted files on Mac free. Most of the programs that claim to be free could just recover part of your lost files and would charge you an amount of money at the last step to recover all the lost data.

From my search on the Internet for thousands and thousands of times, I pick out 3 kinds of the few free Mac data recovery software full version for you: Softtote Free Data Recovery which is accessible in Apple Mac App Store, TestDisk or PhotoRec. You can try any of them as you like. But we'd like to friendly remind you that they are not practical and stable in recovery performance always. If you find none of them is workable, head to step 4.

Step 4. Use Data Recovery for Mac

As what above mentioned, the free Mac data recovery may not be an always practical way for you to recover all the deleted or lost files. To completely restore all the lost important photos, videos, audios and other documents from Mac OS X, most users would use Data Recovery for Mac, which charges you no money with the Mac data recovery coupon code: TENO-DCC9-SECP and it can help to recover all Mac files safely and quickly.

Here is the general guide to show you how to recover data on Mac with this software.

Data Recovery for Mac has a free version, from which you can recover a few files of each type for free. If you don't need to recover all the lost data, say you just want to rescue 3 pictures from the lost ones, you can take it as the freebies and have a go. Hope you have a nice try.

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