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Top 5 Ways You Must Know to Backup iPhone Data before iOS 7 Update

June 25, 2014 10:56 am / Updated by Jerry Cook to iPhone Topics
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New iOS 7 versions (such as iOS 7.1.2) can help users fix bugs and have better experience with iPhone. Yet, any iOS update (including iOS 8 update ) may cause data loss, such as you lost contacts, photos, messages,notes and call history. Many users have lost iPhone data after iOS 7 upgrade. If you don't want anything missing, you'd better backup iPhone data before updating to iOS 7 (including iOS 7.1, iOS 7.1.1, iOS 7.1.2, and this also applies to iOS 8 update).

backup iphone data before upgrading to ios 7

5 Best Ways to Backup iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 Data before Updating to iOS 7/7.1

It is easy to backup iPhone data before iOS 7 update. You just need to download and install the professional iPhone backup tool, iAny Transfer, on your Windows computer. It will backup all iPhone data, including photos, movies, music, playlists, contacts, messages (iMessages, MMS, SMS, WhatsApp, Tango), apps, etc.

Download iAny Transfer Software:

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You can freely seletct any option (the first 3 options) on iAny Transfer to backup your iPhone:

Here are the details of the guides on how to backup iPhone.

Backup iPhone to Computer before iOS 7 Update

iAny Transfer allows you to backup iPhone data onto computer before iOS 8 upgrade in both readable formats and unreadable formats.

Readable formats: All the backed-up files will be saved in formats that you can access directly, such as text contents are saved in .txt, .xls, .xml, contacts can also be in vCard/VCF files, and media like songs, videos in their original formats. This can help you access your files at any time.

Unreadable formats: All the backed-up files will be saved as SQLITE Database, which is the iTunes bakcup formats. This will help to prevent someone from viewing your personal data without permission, and you can easily restore from this backup.

Connect iPhone to computer and run iAny Transfer.

To backup iPhone data into readable formats, select the data you want to backup and click on "Computer".

To backup iPhone files into unreadable formats, select the files and click on "Backup"

backup iphone data before updating to ios 7

Backup iPhone Data to an External Hard Drive before iOS 7 Upgrade

You can also backup your iPhone to an external hard drive before updating to iOS 7. All the backed-up data will be copied to the drive in either readable formats or unreadable formats. You can choose what you like.

Insert an external hard drive into your computer. Connect iPhone to this computer and run iAny Transfer.

To back up iPhone contentts to the external hard drive into readable formats, select the files, click on "Computer", and choose the external hard drive in the pop-up window as a save path.

To backup iPhone files to the external hard drive in unreadable formats, choose data, click on "Backup" and select the external hard drive as a save path.

backup iphone data before updating to ios 7

Backup iPhone Files to iTunes before iOS 7 Installation

iAny Transfer can also help to backup iPhone data into iTunes before you install iOS 7. This is the exact same like how iTunes backs up your iPhone. But it's much easier than using iTunes.

Connect iPhone with computer and run iAny Transfer. Select the files you want to backup and click on "iTunes".

backup iphone data before updating to ios 7

Backup iPhone Data to iCloud before Updating to iOS 7

You can manually backup iPhone data with iCloud by choosing Back Up Now on your device in Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. Make sure iPhone is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

Yet, what you have to know is that there is only 5GB storage in iCloud for free, which may be too little space to store all your files. Moreover, only the photos shot with the built-in camera can be backed up, and the backed photos can only be kept in iCloud for 30 days. If you have forgotten you Apple ID account, password, or you don't like using iCloud for iPhone data backup, go back to iAny Transfer.

How to Backup iPhone Data with iTunes before upgrading to iOS 7

iTunes will create backups of your iPhone each time when you:

However, you should notice that there are many limitations with iTunes, including:

Purchase iAny Transfer Now:
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