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Top 14 iOS 8/7 Problems We Have Fixed

June. 27, 2015 02:00 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Remove iOS Ads
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Since the iOS 8 update was available, Twitter and Apple's Support site have been flooded with complaints from iOS 7 upgraders who have experiencing problems. Some are reporting that downloads will stop, with a warning errors that says the "software update failed". Other are saying they have issues after installing the iOS 7 update.

Not all of the issues have a fix yet. Since the iOS 8 is coming up, you can wait to see if the new update can solve all. We are looking into them on your behalf and will post another update when we have more answers. Now you can follow the tips below to fix the iOS 7 issue you have.

Well, check out iOS 7 fixes as following (the issues including the ones in iOS 7.1.2, iOS 7.1.1, iOS 7.1).

1. "Software Update Failed/Unavailable" Error

Many users have started to experience "Software Update Failed" messages which say "An error occurred download iOS 7.0".

How to fix it? Keep trying to download the update again. You can also trying installing the update via iTunes. If fails again, hold off and come back after a couple hours.

ios7 update failed

2. Apps, contacts, pictures and videos are wiped

"iOS 7 has officially wiped all my contacts out of my phone please shoot me a text of your name. " Twitted by an iPhone user.

That way, if you do happen to lose everything, you can reinstall your apps and recover data after updating to iOS 7 with iPhone Data Recovery. It can recover files including photos, contacts, text messages, notes and more directly from your iOS 7 device even you haven't backed up with iTunes or iCloud.

ios 7

3. Your screen to go blank or linger on the Apple logo

This is usually a sign that the firmware on your device is not working properly if your screen goes to blank or linger. You can fix this through iTunes by putting your phone into DFU (Default Firmware Update) mode. Once you are in DFU mode restore your device to factory settings through iTunes. From there you should be able to install iOS 7 if it hasn't already.

4. iOS 7 makes your battery drain

iOS 7 introduces a pretty serious problem - battery drain. You can try following tips and tricks for better iPhone battery life.

5. Can't send or receive text messages

It seems ridiculous that iOS 7 is switching text messaging off for some users, even if they had it enabled on the old operating system.

To remedy this, go Settings>Messaging and toggle the Send as SMS button to ON (make the button green).

can't send messages ios 7

6. The Wi-fi button is greyed out

Many users are unable to access Wifi- and Bluetooth after installing iOS 7. Here are a few things you can try:

Change the name of your device: go to Settings > General > About> Name. Tap the name to edit it and remove the apostrophe. Save the change. Switch off your phone and then switch it back on again.

7. Group messaging doesn't work

Many Apple users have complained they have been unable to access group messaging since updating to iOS 7. Some users have reported that resetting their device to its factory settings to get it to work.

Fist back up your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Tap "Erase All Content and Settings" > Restore your backup.

If that doesn't work, try this one: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

8. iTunes keeps crashing

You need to upgrade your iTunes to the latest version (11.1) for it to function with iOS 7. If your iTunes has been crashing it's probably because you're running an old version.

You'll need to download the new update through your desktop iTunes.

If you're using a Mac, click on the iTunes button in the menu that runs along the top of the screen and select "Check for update", install update and then plug in your iPhone or iPad to update the software on your device.

If you're using a Windows computer, click "Help" > Check for Updates, install update, then plug in your device and update the software on your iPhone or iPad.

If you tried above steps, iTunes is still crashing. You should reset your device to its factory settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Switch off your phone. Switch it back on again.

9. Encounter issues when activating Facetime and iMessage

It may take up to 24 hours to activate Facetime and iMessage, according to the Apple website, so some patience is required.

Here are a few suggestions:

10. Have no enough memory to install iOS 7

Some users can't have iOS 7 because it needs 3.1GB of storage. It's an issue for those who have small capacity. Try the way below.

Another issue that could be causing the problem is that your phone is inadvertently set to back up all your apps to the cloud and this is taking up space. To remedy this:

11. iOS 7 crashed your phone

If your phone keeps crashing, you have to erase all the content on your phone and restore it to its factory settings and then reinstall iOS 7.

To do this go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. Then go back to the Reset screen and hit "Reset Network Settings".

Restart your phone. Once it starts back up go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your phone should automatically search for an update. Hit "OK" when a notification appears to install iOS 7.

12. Your screen has frozen

It's time to do a Hard Reset if your screen has frozen. Simply press and hold down both the Home button and the Sleep button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Sometimes iPhone need to be turned off and turned back on again.

13. Your voice memos aren't working

When your voice memos don't work, that may because you have taken up too much space. Scroll down through your list of audio recordings and delete the ones you no longer needed, starting with the oldest. If this doesn't work just switch your phone off and phone on again.

14. Sync Cancelling

Another flaw to add to the iOS 7 list is the iOS 7 itself. Many users are reporting they are still unable to sync the download. You can fix this issue simply by waiting. This allows Apple time to work out the remainder of the flaws. It may be better to allow mid-next week to sync the download.

Of course you don't need to upgrade to iOS 7 immediately. And yes, ios 6 works find and should continue to indefinitely. For those who have upgraded their devices to iOS 7 but felt unhappy with the results, you can downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6.

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