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How to Fix iTunes Can't Transfer Music or Apps to iPhone, iPad or iPod

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iTunes is, though, powerful, it also has a lot of problems when it come to syncing or transferring data to your iDevices . If you are experiencing difficulties for transferring your music or apps to your iPhone, iPad or iPod, like "I can't sync music to my iPhone via iTunes anymore" or "Why iTunes can't sync apps to my iPhone?", and don't know what to do, you can definitely find the answer here.

Why iTunes Can't Sync Music and Apps to Your iPhone/iPad/iPod?

Before we solve this problem, let's have a look at reasons for iTunes' failure of transferring music and apps?

5 Ways to Solve iTunes Can't Transfer Music to iPhone, iPad or iPod

1. Restart your device, iTunes and computer

Restart you device, iTunes and computer, and then try to re-sync it. Always bear in mind that a restart can solve most of the problems.

2. Update your device and iTunes to the latest version.

Check whether your iTunes and iOS to the latest version. If not, update them.

3. Try to use a Mac (PC) if you sync with a PC (Mac).

Sometimes, changing a computer running a different OS may solve the issue. Therefore, try to use a Mac if you sync with a Windows computer, and vice versa.

4. Re-sync the songs can be synced

If iTunes can't sync part of your songs, you can make a list of the song(s) that won't sync. And find where they are stored in your computer, then create a new folder on desktop, drag and drop all songs to this folder, delete the songs that won't sync in iTunes, after that, import all the songs in the new folder to iTunes by dragging and dropping. Re-sync your device.

5. Use 3rd-party software like iAny Transfer.

iAny Transfer is a great iTunes alternative that enables you to easily transfer data to and from your computer, copy files between you idevices etc.

After your download and install it, launch the program and connect your iDevice. Then click" media -> music" on the left-side menu. You can now see all the music stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, and then click "Add" (as marked red in the picture below) button and select the music that can't sync via iTunes on your computer, click "open" for importing. Now all the music are synced to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

add music from computer to iPhone

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