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How to Restore Data from Crashed Hard Drive

Oct. 04, 2013 12:41 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Data Recovery
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My hard drive crashed after removing a virus, also encountered slow PC performance. How can I recover all my data, I tried to slave my hard drive but has local disk error, when I click open a message "do you want to format it now?" appears. Please advice, I really need to recover my data.

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Hard drive got corrupted or crashed due to fatal malware or other incorrect manipulation of the computer. To make matters worse, when the primary hard drive corrupted, you can't boot your computer. Then how to fix this issue and restore hard drive?

What You Need:

How to Restore Hard Drive to Retrieve Data

1. Boot PC from the Second Bootable Hard Drive

Luckily, no matter whatever reasons you lost data from hard drive, there is always a solution to recover hard drive data as long as there is no physical damage for your hard drive. Applying on a third-party program is a smart choice to recover data from hard drive. Here we recommend Hard Drive Restore for windows users and Mac Hard Drive Restore for Mac users. Both of them feature the same functions but based on different operating systems. They are two pieces of software for you to recover files from hard drive with fancy interface and powerful functions.

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2. Boot Crashed Hard Drive from CD/DVD/USB to Recover Data

If you have no usable hard drive in your hand, don't worry, you can still get data back by booting PC from outer CD/DVD or USB drive. Data Recovery WinPE enables you to burn ISO file to CD/DVD or USB drive and get access to the dead computer from them to perform data recovery.

Step 1: Burn ISO File to CD/DVD or USB Drive

Install Data Recovery WinPE in another available computer. Start the program. Click "Browse" to import ISO image file, then choose CD/DVD or USB to start burning.

restore hard disk

Step 2: Boot up Inaccessible PC from CD/DVD or USB

Insert CD/DVD or USB to unbootable PC. Run computer and press "F2", "F10" or "Delete" to enter BIOS setup. In the Boot Device Priority, please check the drive you would like to boot from. If it is CD/DVD, select CD-ROM. If it is USB, choose 1st drive from USB. Then press F10 to save setting.

how to restore hard drive

Step 3: Restore Hard Drive

After restarting your computer from bootable CD/DVD or USB, you will see the interface of Data Recovery WinPE. In the interface, first, we advise you try "Partition Recovery". If you can't get back the data, then have a look at "Raw Recovery".

hard drive restore

Step 4: Unplug CD/DVD or USB Drive and Restart Computer

After finishing restoring hard drive, take out the CD/DVD or USB Drive, and playing computer freely.

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