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How to Permanently Delete Files, Photos, Videos, Music and Archives

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Permanently Delete files

When Do You Need to Delete Files Completely?

We are used to save personal information in the hard disk and other portable storage devices. For example: business files and forms, bank information, credit card numbers, sensitive pictures, video, songs, archives, etc. When you empty the recycle bin or delete data, your files are still in them. And it is very easy to get them back with data recovery software or by computer hackers. It is really a bad experience if you come across that dilemma. Therefore, it is quite vital to delete files permanently from hard disk and other storage media when you would like to:

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How to Permanently Delete Files?

To delete data, like photos, videos, and songs, etc. absolutely with no trace left, you have to rely on third party file clean utility. Data Wipe is such a tiny tool that can securely remove unwanted files and folders wholly from storage devices. It will overwrite the data again and again, making it unrecoverable with any data recovery tool. Here is the user guide:

Step 1: Select Wipe Data Mode

There are three Data Wipe modes: Wipe data in one partition all at once, wipe files in one folder at one time and wipe specific files in the detailed folders. You can choose any of them based on your requirements.

Delete files Permanently

Step 2: Add Data to the Task List

Here we will take Wipe Files for example, Click "Add" button to import files you would like to add to the task list, and then check "Next" to continue.

delete files

Note: You can remove files by highlighting the file and click "Remove" button if it is not the one you would like to remove.

Step 3: Perform Data Remove

Click "Yes" to indentify your operation. The program will prompt you to save the record. You can click "Save As" to keep the record or just click "Close" to finish operation.

delete photos

Why Do You Need to Completely Clear Documents, Photos, Applications, etc.?

The significant reasons you need to permanently clean up files comes to:

To Protect your Sensitive Information

Empty recycle bin or format the computer will not remove files terminally. Taking use of data remove tool can completely clear the hard disk, digital camera, memory card, USB drive, etc. promising safety of the confidential data.

To Improve Computer Performance and Free Up Space for Devices

When we delete erase files from computer and other devices, traces of old viruses along with old data will not always be got rid of fully. Those files will diminish the processing capacity as time goes on. With Data Wipe, you can thoroughly clean the hard disk to vacate rooms for the process and optimize computer performance. And make other storage devices to get full used.

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