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How to Permanently Erase Files and Folders in SD Card and Other Memory Cards

Oct. 13, 2012 03:56 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Memory Card
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erase sd card

SD cards (short for Secure Digital memory cards), are commonly used by compact storage devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, music players, camcorders, etc. to store data. If you would like to free up space for SD card or other memory cards and permanently clean SD card to delete unnecessary files and folders in them with no possibility of recovery. In general, you may think about formatting memory card and restoring it to factory setting. However, formatting will not let you completely remove files from media card. Why? Because the process of formation means to overwrite data time and time again. However, it won't promise every file to be overwritten. The unwritten files will be found and get back with data recovery software.

A quick format certainly won't prevent un-erasing, then how should it go? Is there any method to completely erase SD card? Sure, the answer is yes. There are programs designed to thoroughly wipe data from SD card. For example, on Windows platform, there is a program named Data Wipe. It allows you to permanently empty SD card and other memory card and delete specific and private files and folders. It makes those files definitely unrecoverable. The tutorial below tells you how to wholly clear data in SD card step by step.

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Three Simple Steps to Clear SD Card and Other Memory Card

Before wiping files, make sure they are what you really want to delete. There is no way of recovering files once a data wipe has been done.

Step 1. Install Data Wipe on Windows PC

Download Data Wipe and install it on Windows PC. This program can work well on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, etc.

Step 2. Connect Memory Card to PC

You can connect the device which include memory card to PC directly or take out of the card, insert the card to card reader and connect it to computer with USB porter. Be sure the media card is detected by PC as a removable drive.

Step 3. Run Data Wipe to Begin SD Card Data Erasing

Start Data Wipe. In the main interface, select "Wipe Partition" mode, then choose memory card drive and click "Next" to begin erasing all files and folders. The whole process will take few minutes. When finished that, you can save a record which include what files and folders have been deleted permanently, or click "Close" to end up your operation directly.

wipe sd card

clear sd card

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