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How to Delete Data Permanently from Computer without Display

Nov. 28, 2014 01:06 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Wipe Data
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Would like to permanently delete data before disposing of your personal computer? Generally, when you remove data from hard drive, they are not erase completely, the computer just mark it unreadable and inaccessible, and it is easy to get them back. If you have stored sensitive data like financial statements, medical records or something like that in computer, it is truly unsecure if you just erase it with "shift+delete" to empty the recycle bin.

delete data

Someone may think about absolutely clear your hard drive by formatting hard drive. However, low level formatting is still unsafe. The data is still recoverable with little effort. To terminally purge data from the hard drive, you have to rely on third party data clean software. Data Wipe is the efficient data sanitization program which can help you wholly delete files, folders and partitions from hard disk. It destroys the constructions of files and makes it unrecoverable with any data recovery software.

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The following tutorial tells you how to thoroughly clean up data from computer, which also means to delete folder and delete partition.

Step 1: Select Data Wipe Mode

Download Data Wipe and install it on your computer, run the program. in the main interface, you can see three data wipe provided, Wipe Partition, Wipe Specific Folders, Wipe Files. Select the appropriate one to specify data you would like to delete according to your requirements.

clear data

Step 2: Import Data to the Task List

Click "Add" button to import folders or specific files you would like to delete and then click "Next" to continue. If you select "Wipe Partition" in the previous step, then just highlight the partition you plan to erase and click "Next".

remove data

Step 3: Save Wiping Record

In the pop up window, press "Yes" to begin wiping. After finishing deletion, you can save the record. If you are not willing to keep the record, click "Close" to end operation.

erase data

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