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Back up Your PC Before Trying Windows 8.1

July 23, 2013 02:46 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to Data Recovery
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Microsoft unveiled the preview version of Windows 8.1 at its Build 2013 conference on Jun. 26th. It's free. However, it's available only through the Windows store—in other words, to Windows 8 and Windows RT users. Moreover, this trial software is prone to dealing out all sorts of bumps and bruises, and if something goes really, truly rotten, you could wind up with a complete system wipe on your hands.

Here's what Windows Store shoppers need to know to get the preview.

Precautions before Download Windows 8.1

Since Windows 8.1 Preview is a beta-level operating system, it will break. Microsoft offers no technical support for the preview, just an online forum. Unless you enjoy danger, download this preview to a system other than your primary one. You should also back up the device and read the Windows 8.1 preview FAQs.

We've also heard several reports of people running into repeated Windows 8.1 installation problems. Heck, we've run into installation failures on multiple machines.

None of them are disastrous, but it's necessary to try to avoid them. Get prepared to back up Windows 8 before you try to run Windows 8.1. You know—just in case.

Use Data Backup to Backup Windows 8 Computer

You really need to back up all your important data before you go poking at your PC at the operating system level. Rather than rehash the past, I'll point you to this perfect way you can back up your files.

Tenorshare Data Backup allows you to back up Windows 8 operating system, applications, files and more easily. The detailed features are shown below:

Here suggests you back up Windows 8 system and data from disk to disk. Below are the simple steps:

It can 100% safely backup your Windows 8 PC.

Backup your PC with Built-in Function in Windows 8

You can also apply command prompt to back up your Windows 8, which demands you a higher skill of computing.

A recovery drive can help you restore your Windows 8 installation if your Windows 8.1 Preview experience goes horribly wrong.

Here is the process of creating a recovery drive.

back up your pc before trying windows 8.1
  • 1. Open the charms bar, select Search, and type Recovery.
  • 2. Click on the Setting filter in the right-hand charms menu.
  • 3. Select the Create a Recovery Drive option.
  • 4. A wizard pops up.

Then the process is straightforward. Just be sure to select the right drive when you're asked for a location, as accidentally wiping the wrong storage device would be a major headache.

After backup, you are ready to try all the goodies in Windows 8.1. Check out the guide of download and installing the Windows 8.1 preview.

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