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Top 10 iPhone Security Tips

Mar. 10, 2014 03:28 pm / Posted by Andrew Coffe to Tips
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It has been reported that a flaw with mobile phones' SIM card technology is putting millions of people at risk of being spied on and robbed, which shocked people a lot and topped the list of security concerns. As iPhone users, you may also worry about your iPhone security, such as the risk of having mail account hacked, having your online identity stolen, losing your valuable personal information, etc. If you are looking for iPhone security tips, refer to the following content.

Top 10 Security Tips for iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4

To better protect your iPhone and your personal information, you need to take some practical actions.  Here we list the top 10 iPhone security tips for your device.

1. Enable Auto-lock & Change It's Settings

The Auto-lock feature on iPhone can help to lock iPhone touch screen after not being used for a preset time period. This Auto-lock is turn on by default but you can change its settings. Here is how: click the main iPhone Settings icon > tap the General tab > hit Auto-lock > choose the desired time period by tapping the on-screen value.

2. Use a Password Lock

Password lock on iPhone prevents unauthorized users from entering your iPhone and reading personal information or using the services. Enable your iPhone password lock: go to Home Screen > Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Enter a four-digit code to keep out prying eyes.

Note: Password can help to protect your iPhone, but headache also comes to you if you forgot your iPhone password. Click here to see how to unlock password when iPhone is locked.

3. Use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Email Securely

Some apps use iPhone's Bluetooth capability to share files and information and attackers could send unsolicited messages or steal sensitive information. Wi-Fi and Email also have the same risk of being attacked. You need to disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when they are not in use and enable secure sockets (SSL) for email.

To disable Bluetooth, head to Settings> General > Bluetooth > toggle it to OFF.
To disable Wi-Fi, navigate to Settings > General > Wi-Fi > toggle it to OFF.
To enable SSL of email, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > select one of the active mail accounts > tap on Advanced > toggle Use SSL option to On.

4. Update iPhone Software & Firmware

Apple provides frequent software or firmware updates for bug fixes and security fixes. Keeping your apps and operating system up to date is crucial for security. You can connect iPhone to iTunes and iTunes will prompts you for firmware updates if they are available.

5. Make Regular Backups

Data loss from iPhone has become a common thing for users. the most secure step is to backup your iPhone. There are 3 ways to backup data from iPhone:

6. Erase All Data before Return, Repair, or Resale of iPhone

If you get a new phone and want to resale your old iPhone, or when you want to return/repaire your iPhone, you need to erase all the data on. But simply using iTunes to restore your iPhone to factory settings is not a secure method since all the data would be recovered with some data recovery tools, such as iPhone Data Recovery. To completely delete all the data, you need to:

7. Enable Safari's Privacy and Security Settings on iPhone

The iPhone Safari browser offers many basic security settings to protect your privacy. You can access the settings by going to Settings > Safari. Enable Block Pop-ups and Frau Warning, disable AutoFill, clear cookies, history and cache, and delete Databases.

8. Jailbreak iPhone or Not

To jailbreak your iPhone or not is a very controversial topic. You can get benefits from jailbroken iPhone, but you can also put your iphone at risks. If you insist on jailbreaking, then you can refer to Tips to Jailbreak iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS. However, if you are a novice user with limited knowledge of security, you should try to avoid jailbreaking.

9. Set Device Usage Restrictions

You can set restrictions on your iPhone to limit other people's usage of your iPhone. Navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions and enable the capabilities as you like.

10. Enable Find My iPhone

The feature Find My iPhone is extremely helpful to protect your personal information when your iPhone is lost or stolen. Follow the text to enable Find My iPhone and learn how to find your lost iPhone, if this tragedy happened.

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