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Top 10 Free iPhone Ringtones to Download, plus the Free iPhone Ringtones Apps

Mar. 10, 2014 11:56 am / Posted by Andrew Coffe to Apple Devices
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free iphone 4s ringtones

Wondering how to make custom ringtones for your iPhone? Want to make your iPhone ringtones special at the up-coming 2014? Here you can free download fair-sounding iPhone ringtones. All of them are in the format .m4r. Just drag and drop these ringtones into iTunes and then make sure your iPhone settings are set to copy them to your iPhone automatically.

For your information, we also list 5 free iPhone ringtones apps. With these free apps, you can create ringtones. You should note that most of these apps contain ads and some of them have difficult-to-use interfaces. Keep in mind that although these apps are free, you'll still need to pay to download songs from iTunes.

Here are the details.

Top 10 Free Ringtones for iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 to Download

All the ringtones here are applied to any available iPhone, including iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhome 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4. They all support iOS 10/9.3/9.2/9/8/7.

1. Alien_Alert


It is silvery without any noise. If you prefer clean music as your ringtone from the loved ones, you can try it on your iPhone.

2. Alla_Turca


Well, it the gay music style to help you relax yourself. I'm sure lots of people have been familiar with it since it is very popular.

3. Annoying_Canary


If you love animals and are fond of their sound, you should fall in love with this free ringtone. It is the beautiful sound from a canary.

4. Avicii-Hey_Brother


It is a very sexy male voice, which emits energy when someone calls you. You can use it as the ringtone of your family members' coming calls.

5. Chillcast_Theme


It is a romantic iPhone ringtone with lilts. It can clean up your pressure when it rings up. Try it on your device for a change.

6. DailyVlogMusic


It has rhythm sensation with beautiful sound. If you prefer sense of rhythm, go to have it on your iPhone.

7. Dance_Dance_Dance


If you prefer sexy style, this ringtone would be your best choice. Each time it rings, you could be infected to dance with the hot female voice.

8. Deck_The_Halls


Well, it is really a pleasant free ringstone. It will supply you with partysu and fresh air. Each time it rings, you would feel that you are in a royal party.

9. Miley_Cyrus_Wrecking_Ball


It is really fair-sounding with powerful and beautiful voice. You would never regret to have it on your iPhone.

10. Passenger-Let_her_go


This ringtone is very quiet and special compared with the heavy metal music. Download it on your iPhone if you like this style.

5 Best Free iPhone Ringtones Apps

1. Ringtone Maker by Mobile 17

free iphone ringtone

It allows you to make unlimited free ringtones (Up to 40 seconds!) with the music on your iPhone. For many songs, the free app includes popular ringtone start times to streamline the editing process.

2. Ringtone Designer

free iphone ringtones download

This free iPhone ringtone app allows you to make unlimited ringtones, text tones, and alert tones using songs in your iPhone's music library. Click here it to see more.

3. Ringtone Converter

free iphone ringtones download

It helps to make dozens of custom ringtones in minutes for every one of your contacts from  your iPhone iPod library.

4. Ringtone DJ for iOS 7

free download iphone

This free iPhone ringtones app is allows you to make unlimited ringtones and alert tones from any song in your iTunes music library and make it 100% unique by applying professional DJ sound effects.

5. Ringtonesx

free iphone ringtone app download

If you want musical ringtones but don't have many downloaded songs to work with, RingtonesX is worth a look. Other than creat ringtones from your existing music, this free iPhone ringtone app has thousands of popular "hits" to choose from.

You can also go to see the free iPhone games for the New Year.

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