Windows Password Reset

1. Create a Windows Password Reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive
windows password reset
1. Choose the target CD/DVD or USB drive
reset windows password
2. Click "Burn" button
windows password reset software
3. Burning a password reset disk
2. Boot up Password Protected Computer from CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive.
 reset windows password
1. Launch BIOS settings
windows password remove
2. Boot computer from CD/DVD
remove windows password
3. Boot computer from USB flash drive
3. Option 1: Remove Windows Password
remove windows password
1. Select "Remove Windows Password" mode
windows password remover
2. Confirm to remove password
windows password recovery
3. Password has been removed successfully
Option 2: Change Windows Password
change windows password
1. Select "Change Windows Password" mode
windows password change
2. Confirm to change password
recover windows password
3. Password has been changed successfully
Option 3. Create a New Windows Admin Account
windows password reset software
1. Select "Create a new admin account" mode
windows password reset disk
2. Confirm to create new account
 reset windows password
3. New account has been created
Option 4: Remove an account
reset windows password
1. Select "Remove an account" mode
windows password reset
2. Confirm to remove account
windows password recovery software
3. Remove account successfully
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