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Works to fix black screen on Windows 10

I realize this software may not fix everyone's problem, but as far as my problem was concerned, it worked like a charm. I had a corrupted driver, and windows would not start at all, it just took me to the black screen when you boot up. By using this product, the computer was fixed within 30 minutes. Great alternative, and saved me a bunch of money. Thanks for the product.

Best of the best for fixing boot issues

Fix Genius is one of the best programs I have used for fixing boot issues. It is easy to use yet features a series of helpful PC emergency solutions: repair crashed system, rescue data, backup system, and etc. I highly recommend it.

Good emergency solution

Jesus! It can not only boot up my computer, but also rescue the lost data. I like it.

Useful to fix Windows 7 kept rebooting without logging

I found this product pretty useful. My computer (running Windows 7) kept rebooting without logging into desktop. This software repaired it and now it works well.

Easy to use and fixed my computer won't boot

It is great cheap and it really works. I would suggest many people that this product was easy to use and fixed my computer with several clicks.

Boot up my PC quickly

I'm in your debt as thank you seems inadequate. Your product did a marvelous job. It fixed all booting problems for my clapped-out laptop. It can start up normally now.

Fix my crashed laptop and all booting problems

I like Fix Genius because it gives all the features in one single, easy to use interface. It integrated all the possible options to recover a crashed system and fix all boot up problems. No need to install multiple programs to do all the possible recovery steps.

It finishes the startup repair about 10 minutes

After buying this product, I did the startup repair and it finished in about 10 minutes. After that I restarted and WOW... the computer booted into Windows. What a relief. I felt it was necessary to leave this review considering my problem.

Good software to fix Windows blue/black screen

So our computers sometimes go to blue screen of death or black screen. Well, I don't want to say it but the computers are in use for a long time, you know. So each time, my co-workers will make a bootable disk with this tool and then boot the brick comput怂켲༰

Super tool for Windows boot-up

I tried it on my laptop Windows 8.1, and it work very well to boot up the black computer!