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Partition Manager User Reviews

It's free

Justin | Posted: 09-July-2014

"I tried it and it's free, no subscriptions, no hidden fees, no disturbing ads, no toolbars, no malware or adware."

No data loss

Gilmore | Posted: 24-June-2014

"After I repartition the disk, all data are still on it. It's safe to use."

Great for me

Dandy丨Posted: 16-March-2014

"All functions works great for me. I recommend this software because it has easy to understand instructions, great visual tutorials at their site, and fast speed."

Many Thanks

Dandy丨Posted: 05-March-2014

"Many thanks to the publisher. It works great. Easy enough for computer novice."

Great Tool

Aimee丨Posted: 11-February-2014

"It helps me partition my hard drive into more manageable pieces: A place for Windows and programs, a separate place for my documents, etc. and a third to store all my movies. Great tool! "


Ben 丨Posted: 22-January-2014

"Brilliant! It did exactly what I want. "


Carl 丨Posted: 15-January-2013

"It does what other partition-managing software doesn't or can't e.g. for years I've been using that supposed wizard but, for some reason, it just couldn't merge the partitions on this one drive (even after several attempts of deleting/formatting either partition). This software merged the partitions in under a minute."

Great Job

Glen 丨Posted: 12-December-2013

"I had tried to clear up the 50 partitions on each of the 3 dozen 250GB drives donated to School.... Within 1/2 hr they were all cleared, cleaned and formatted! Thank you! Tenorshare! Job well done! "

Quite Easy

Howard 丨Posted: 20-November-2013

"Easy to use, I mean really dummy proof, you can't get any easier and straight forward than this. They have step by step instructions as well on any particular operation you want to make. "

Must-have Tool

Darcy 丨Posted: 24-July-2013

"This software is Must Have for anyone running any computer with Windows! I cannot imagine not having these essential utilities for managing my partitions! "


Doris 丨Posted: 31-Dec-2012

"Not the normal application I know but it worked great for me. Had to delete the partition, rewrite the MBR then create a working copy of the partition. I have spent a whole day with all the usual tools and low level format tools etc and this was the software that did the job. "

  • CNET

    "Partition Manager gives you the capability to perform basic and advanced partitioning functions. With it, you can choose between creating, deleting, resizing and merging partitions."


    "It features a graphic user interface that makes it easy to work with partitions. Using the program it is easy to resize, create, delete, move, merge and split partitions with ease. "


    "Partitioning tasks can be performed without the need to format your hard drive and without the risk of data loss. Idea tool for home users. "

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