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Fix recovery mode after iOS 12 update

"I updated my iPhone 7 to iOS 12 beta but it stuck in recovery mode and couldn't reboot. I went to forums and then found this tool. It's simple, only 1 click to exit the recovery mode and then everything is ok."

Rescue my bricked iPhone after iOS 11.4 update

Well, updated my iPhone to the asshole iOS 11.4. Honestly, I was very regretful, because my iPhone became a brick - could not turn on and off! I tried this app and it fixed this brick! Now my iPhone comes to life!

It is easy and excellent alternative to tinyumbrella

OHMYGOD. THANK YOU. :'(( THIS IS THE REAL SHIT RIGHT HERE. GUYSSSS. You don't have to download tinyumbrella and java or any complicated shit like that. This thing is majestic and saved me money. Just go ahead and download it.

Life Safer to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode

I tried to update my iPhone 6s to iOS 11.4, but it got stuck in Recovery Mode. A friend of mine recommended ReiBoot. It just save my life!

I enter the recovery mode with 1-click

I can't put my iPhone 6 into recovery mode as my home button doesn't work. Thanks for ReiBoot, I enter the recovery mode with 1-click.

Enter Recovery Mode with 1 step

I just use ReiBoot to enter Recovery Mode with 1 step which needs 3-4 steps by using iTunes. Thank you very much!

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