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revive my phone

MY iPhone x is not charging by saying that it may not support this accessory, but it charges when I turn the phone off, I FIND this tool to help me get out of the odd and endless abnormality

Get rid of the bug~

Ater ios 13 update, i couldn't turn off CIRCULAR DATA even going to settings on my iPhone. After many attempts without success i found this tool. This wonderful software fixed my problem perfectly.

It is worth it

It worked out of the box, I have repaired an iPhone 8 which stuck in the Apple logo falshing on adn off. The most advanced repair system apps. Although it is a bit pricey, it is worth it!

handy tool!

for unknown reason, face id stopped working suddenly, it is spinning and won't unlock out of the blue, I used this tool about the function of repair operating system function and now the face id works fine now. thanks

ios 13 stuck on recovery mode

i installed ios 13 public beta and then my iphone x stuck in recovery mode loop. This iphone recovery software worked like charm.

andrew lew
Fixed my frozen iPad

I installed iPadOS and then the iPad stuck on apple logo. Thanks to this ipad fixing software I can resolve the stuck problem. The beta is still buggy I have downgraded to ios 12.

Hannah Abbott
get out of black screen

My iPhone was stuck on black screen and cannot back to normal no matter how hard I try. My sister recommended this software to me, and it helps me to get out of black screen within simple steps. Thanks a lot!

stuck on apple logo

My iPhone was stuck on the apple logo for three hours and I don't know what to do. This software help me to make my iPhone back to normal.

enter recovery mode

I think manually enter recovery mode is so complicated. This software allows me to enter recovery mode with one click. What convenient!

fix iphone

Thanks so much of fixing my phone that was stuck on the apple logo!!!!!!!

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