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iOS Ads Remover User Reviews

Totally free

Lincoln | Posted: 09-July-2014

"I have tried it to remove all in-app ads on iPhone and it is free of charge."

Remove all in-app ads

Trevino | Posted: 05-July-2014

"It helped me to delete all ads, including the floating ads, pop-up ads, iAds, and the blinking banner ads."

Great Software

Paul | Posted: 17-April-2014

"I just use it to block ads from TuneIn Radio and it did a great job. I will recommend it to my friends."

Handy Tool

Carol| Posted: 13-April-2014

"A really professional tool for cloning disk and partition, I will recommend it to my friends."


Wilson | Posted: 8-April-2014

"iOS Ads Remover is the program, I was looking for. I just turn off the annoying in-app ads on my iPhone."

Great Software

Stephen | Posted: 01-April-2014

"Great software! It works fine to remove ads from Airborne in my iPad Air."


Charles | Posted: 25-March-2014

"I am really irritated when interrupted by ads popped up. Thanks very much. It helps me get rid of them."

Great Job

Geoff Hunt | Posted: 18-March-2014

"The program did a great job, and I will recommend it to anyone I know that need this kind of product."

That's Fantastic!

Philip | Posted: 9-March-2014

"All of the ads in my apps are disappeared after removing. It works like a magic and I really love it."

Love it

Mattew | Posted: 1-March-2014

"I have been looking for a program to block those annoying ads and iOS Ads Remover is finnaly what I was looking for. I love it! "

  • CNET

    "iOS Ads Remover is a must have app for iOS users. It is really handy in remove or block in-app ads (banners and popups) on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch."

  • PCMag

    "iOS Ads Remover is an easy and safe ads remover program for iOS devices. It is fast and it does exactly as it advertises in blocking ads."

Welcome to comment here if this software can't remove ads in some apps. We will improve our product as soon as possible.
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