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It reboots inaccessible PC to restore lost data

It makes me create bootable CD/DVD or USB drive to reboot inaccessible PC to restore data. Thanks very much. It really saves my life.

It helps me boot up corrupted computer and retrieve data from it.

Data Recovery WinPE was the only one I could find that met all my need. It allows me to boot up system corrupted computer and retrieve data from it.

Recover almost all files from computer that won't start up

Data Recovery WinPE worked great for me. My computer won't start up and I urgently need the data on my hard drive. I downloaded the free trial and it scanned almost all the files I need: pictures, docs, pdfs, sound bits, movies. It was worth a try.

Easy to use and only 3 steps to recover my files

There are only 3 steps to recover my files, burn a boot disk, boot the computer and recover data, which only takes me several minutes.

Recover over 2.5tb of data from my unbootable laptop

Great! Thanks! I am really happy with your software. And I have told a lot of friends on the program. Thanks very much for the great work and keep on with the good job.

I used this software to recover files including C drive

I had used your software on my corrupted PC which was attacked by virus. It worked fantastically. Reboot the dead computer again and recover lost data. It does what it says it will be. Thanks very much again.

Get data back from laptop that won't start

Thanks very much! I was panic when my father's laptop wouldn't start up. Mike told me exactly what to do to fix the boot up issue, and get back crucial data. Really nice guy!

Very helpful to recover Windows 8 data

This software is very helpful to boot up the inaccessible Windows 8 and get back all the data.

It’s a quite reliable to recover data from unbootable PC

Used this software to recover over 2.5tb of data from an inaccessible drive, worth every cent, highly recommend.

Recover lost data from corrupted Windows 8 PC

It is very excellent. My Windows 8 got corrupted and I used this product to boot up my inaccessible computer from the bootable CD. Now I can get into my system again. Thanks for the help.