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Fairly simple and easy to use

Jelly丨Posted: 15-Aril-2014

"Data Recovery Enterprise is fairly simple and easy to use. When I realized that I had hit "delete all" on the camera, I nearly broke down in tears. It helped me recover all the pictures from our trip to Phuket. It made me extremely happy to have them back."

It worked

Gilbert丨Posted: 06-April-2014

"I have 3 drives that were configured in a RAID 5 array that I need to get some data off of them. I used this software to recover data from it. It worked. Good product."

I just love it!

Miller丨Posted: 19-March-2014

"Ahh! Works very excellently, actually the very first program I bought!"

Easy to use and Effective

Sandy 丨Posted: 04-March-2014

"This has outstanding performance, no other word to tell anything. it is just 100/100. All its functions are working excellently. "

Save my data in short time

Bill 丨Posted: 09-February-2014

"Hi, unknowingly I formatted my External hard disk. But the data recovery tool recovered my complete data of around 120GB within some minutes. Thanks for the team who developed this great product."

Excellent software!!!

Jason丨Posted: 25-January-2014

"This software was excellent. I moved a hard drive to a NAS and accidentally formatted it; This software was able to recover those files I needed without incident. Worth every penny since they were mostly my wife's files! "

Thank you very much

Yee丨Posted: 12-January-2014

"It's quite simple to use for every user. Recovering lost data in Windows Server is finished by this program within several clicks. I will give you 5 ratings. "

Simple to use

Tom 丨Posted: 16-Nov-2013

"This tool made me a hero in my grandmother's eyes after she accidentally deleted all her photos off her SD card on her phone. It was simple to use and recovered the files quickly."

  • Expertreviews

    "Tenorshare Data Recovery Enterprise is the very best file recovery software available, hands down. It's very easy to use but has many optional advanced features as well."


    "It's one of the better free file recovery programs I've seen. It's very easy to use, will scan any drive that Windows sees, and has a lot of advanced options if you need them."

  • How to Geek

    "It has vast experience restoring information from RAID arrays. If you have a RAID 5 array with more than two drives out, Data Recovery Enterprise can restore your data. Even if two of your drives have complete surface damage, this RAID data recovery service can provide you with partial data recovery. "

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