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Found the photos I lost months ago

I can't help saying how excited I am! I use Android Data Recovery to scan my android phone data, and amazingly, the photos I lost months ago are found! Wow!

Recover lost some photos after Android 6.0 update

I was so upset when I lost some previous photos after I updated it to the new Android 6.0. Thanks for Android Data Recovery, I got all them back.

Recover lost Android data and no damage to device

One of the excellent things of this product to me is that it never causes damage on my phone. Good job.

Great Tool to recover deleted call history on Sony Xperia Z

Thanks a million. Your tool is very great and helpful. It allowed me to quickly recover deleted call history on my Sony Xperia Z.

Rescue my important data on galaxy s8

Jesus! Data loss was such a big headache! I wish I can learn this product earlier! Anyway, thanks for helping me rescue all my important data this time.

Restore all the videoson my Android tablet

I lost videos on my Android tablet and one of my friends introduced your product to me. It worked really well to help me restore all the videos. Thx.

Help me recover the lost data from my Samsung Galaxy S8

Wow, I just want to say, your team is so professional. Thanks! You really helped me a lot. From the customer service to the tech support, you offered me very detailed information to help me recover the lost data from my Samsung Galaxy S8. You are the best one I have met. Thank you again.

Useful tool that helped me recover all photos on my Note 5

Well, It's superior than any other data recovery tool I've tried! And you should have a try on it when you lost data on your smartphones.

Recover the lost contacts in my Samsung Galaxy S8

Some contacts in my Samsung Galaxy S8 had been deleted by my naughty daughter or my son whoever I had no idea and I had been worried a lot. After I tried your program, it turned to be so easy to handle and I could recover the lost contacts. Thank you so much.

Call history recovery is very easy

Thank Goodness! This product helped me recover all lost call logs, even those unsaved numbers as well.