How to Undelete Pictures that You Lost within 3 Steps

You may lose your precious pictures due to:

  • Delete pictures from camera without backup;
  • Delete pictures instead of saving by accidently press the wrong button on camera;
  • Delete the "not-so-nice" pictures when you find your memory card space is not enough or you want to tidy up your computer;
  • Delete pictures when transferring pictures from camera to your computer without realizing the transferring failed;
  • Delete pictures on your computer but found you need them afterward.

No matter what reasons you deleted your pictures (intentionally or inadvertently), if you need to undelete pictures, you must utilize a piece of third-party photo recovery software. Picture Undelete is a smart choice for you to undelete pictures from camera, mobile phone, computer's hard drive, memory card, SD card, USB and any other popular storage devices. For Mac users, Picture Undelete for Mac is available to undelete pictures you accidently deleted.

With fancy interface, this undelete picture software is easy enough for computer novice yet powerful for computer professional to use. Here is a tutorial on how to use Picture Undelete for Windows and Mac.

One: How to Undelete Pictures in Windows?

Step 1: Select the Drive

Connect your portable device (like camera) to your computer firstly, if you want to recover deleted photos from it. It will be automatically detected by this software and displays in the interface. Select the drive in which your lost photos located, and choose "Photo" on the right pane. Click "Scan".

Step 2: Preview & Select Deleted Photos

After a while, you will see all the recoverable photos on your drive. It is fairly easy for you to select the pictures: for one reason, all the photos are categorized by format; for the other reason, you can preview them to confirm whether they are your need. Select them by ticking the boxes in front of the file names. And then hit "Recover".

Step 3: Save Recovered Photos

In this step, you need to select a directory to save the undeleted pictures. You are forbidden to save them to the partition where you lost your pictures before.

Two: How to Undelete Pictures on Mac OS X?

The steps of how to undelete pictures with Mac Picture Undelete are the same as the steps above: Select the voluem->Select "Photo"->Select the pictures you need to undelete->Save the undeleted pictures.

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