How to Undelete Photos After You Unintentionally Deleted Them

Nowadays, digital camera becomes one of the must-have gadgets for each family. You are able to shoot, review and delete photos with your camera anytime, anywhere. The chances are you accidently press "OK" when facing "Delete All" Option in the playback mode. This causes all of the photos from either the camera's internal memory or a memory card (like SD card or Secure Digital card) to get deleted. Or the thing goes simple, you are going to delete those not-so-nice photos on your computer by commanding "Shift +Delete", but found afterward you selected the photos you don't intend to delete. To rescue accidents like these you can use one of Photo Undelete software.

Photo Undelete, a piece of secure, effective yet easy photo undelete software, enables you to undelete photos from your camera, memory card, computer's hard drive, USB, and any other popular storage media. Furthermore, it also provides Mac version - Photo Undelete for Mac to undelete photos based on Mac OS X.

To make you clear, here we present the instructions of photo undelete as following.

Part One: How to Undelete Photos on Windows Computer?

Step 1: Select the Drive

If you need to recover deleted photos from camera, you need to connect your camera directly or plug your card reader (within your memory card) into your computer at first. This program will automatically detect the removable disk and list on the interface.

Select the drive where you lost your photos, and click "Photo" on the right of the pane. And then click "Scan".

Step 2: Preview & Select Deleted Photos

After scanning, all the recoverable photos are displayed by format. Unfold the folder, and then highlight the photo file for a preview. If it is your desire, select it by ticking the box in front of the file name. Alternatively, tick "Photo" or each format for selecting all the files under this folder to recover all. Then click "Recover" to undelete pictures.

Step 3: Save Undeleted Photos

A window appears to allow you specify a location to save the recovered photos. Please bear in mind: Never select a partition where you lost photos located before. Now you undelete photos successfully.

Part Two: How to Undelete Photos on Mac OS X?

The steps of using Mac Photo Undelete are the same as the steps above: Select the voluem->Select "Photo"->Select the photos you need->Save the undelete photos.

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