How to Recover Deleted, Lost, Corrupted JPEG Files

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JPEG (also known as JPG) is very commonly used format for storing and transmitting digital images on the Internet, and many image-capture devices like camera also use this format. They can be taking up a significant amount of disk space on your computer's hard drive or memory card. Sometimes when you decide to tidy up your computer or camera, deleted those JPEG photos that you don't need, you may delete some that you didn't intend to by accident. Or the JPEG files become corrupted, distorted due to software or hardware problems, power glitches, virus attacks even if their thumbnails remain intact.

Luckily, mistakes are not irreversible, because you can recover JPEG files. You can use a JPEG recovery program or take the file to a professional technician. I think the former one is straightforward and simple, and you would like to choose it. JPEG Recovery is the very JPEG recovery application you need. It empowers you to recover deleted, formatted, corrupted JPG, JPEG, and photos in other popular formats like BNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO and etc. With fancy interface, it is fairly easy to use for every level of computer users. For Mac users, Mac JPEG Recovery is available.

In this tutorial, I just take recovering JPG files on your Windows computer for example. For recovering files on camera's memory card, you just need to connect your memory card to your computer in advance. And the next steps are similar.

Part 1. How to Recover JPEG Files in Windows?

Step 1: Select the Partition & File Type

Select the drive where you lost your JPEG files in the drive list, and choose "Photo" only. And click "Start Scan".

Step 2: Preview and Select JPEG Files

After scanning, all the photos will be displayed. You just need to choose & unfold "JPG" to choose the files under it for previewing. Select the ones you need to recover and click "Recover".

Step 3: Save the Recovered Files

In this step you need to choose a directory on your computer to save the recovered JPEG files. Don't save t hem to the same partition where you lost your files to avoid data loss.

Part 2. How to Recover JPEG on Mac?

When you are using Mac OS X, you can try Mac JPEG Recovery, your can refer to the above instructions of how to recover JPEG which are similar.

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