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Rumors for Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date

Feb. 25, 2013 03:14 pm / Posted by Andrew Coffe to News
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Initially, the highly-anticipated release date of Samsung Galaxy S4 to be this year's Mobile World Congress is vetoed by Samsung's recent announcement. Followed by Earlier this year's rumor about an April release, however, there were reports saying that the Samsung Galaxy had the debut set for 3.15 a couple of weeks ago.

But, it seems that the big debut is scheduled one day ahead, according to a tweet from Eldar Murtazin on Monday, founder of the Russian telecom website Mobile-review, quote "Save the date for a big announcement-March 14 And keep silence ;) HtC will miss HTC One sales again Like it was in 2012," Murtazin tweeted.

The "big announcement" on March 14 may affect the Taiwanese smartphone-maker HTC to miss sales who just released its new flagship smartphone-HTC one on Feb. 19 in glamour in the New York City. Though Eldar did not make it clear that the announcement means the highly-rumored successor of the Samsung Galaxy S3, namely, Samsung Galaxy S4, but a later Samsung-related leaks news website SamMobile reported and confirmed it referred to nothing but the long-awaited release of the Samsung Galaxy IV about 2 weeks after the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Verge Confirmed Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date to be "Definitely" on March, 14

The Verge stated that it had "confirmed with sources familiar with Samsung's plans that March 14th is ‘definitely' the day that the Korean giant plans on revealing one or more new devices, one of which is presumed to be the Galaxy S IV."

Following is a list of rumored specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

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