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iPhone 5GS Release Date, New Features, and More Rumors

Mar. 25, 2013 09:42 pm / Posted by Andrew Coffe to News
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It is said that Apple will release its new version of iPhone 5S, not iPhone 6.It's very confusing for iFans waiting for iPhone 6 for a long time to hear that. Because iPhone 5S won't be modified much, just the slightly updated version of iPhone 5.

iphone 5s release

iPhone 5S release date

The exact release date appears to be controversial all around. As markets analyst revealed it is likely to be delayed to the third quarter, Gizmorati, a foreign tech blog, claims that according to an exclusive revelation, it will be released on 29th, June. And they even claim that they have been confirmed by reliable information. At that time, Apple is going to hold a special party whose topic is "Original Passion, New Ideas" and release iPhone 5S & iPad 5 catching this opportunity.

Or maybe without anyone's expectation, it comes earlier than expected. When to release? It is to be confirmed by Apple themselves.

iPhone 5S new functions

Except a series of software revised, there will be a small hardware upgrade. It is reported that three main changes are coming with iPhone 5S.

1. More advanced processor A7

It means faster processor and better performance.

Higher camera pixel

There won't be any better news for shutterbug. What's more, smart flash function will be loaded in the new camera.

Fingerprint identification system

NFC is also supported in this stunning system. Report suggest s that fingerprint identification means the change in "Home" key, becoming the most important key.

iPhone 5S wireless charging

According to CP Tech, Apple has applied a patent application for Wireless Power Utilization, a wireless charging system with NFR (near field magnetic resonance). It means that we will get our iPhone 5S wireless charged in the future.

iPhone 5S profile

Apple's past "S" means the same shell and look features. So most reports suggest that iPhone 5S has the same appearance with iPhone 5 and just has some different tech specs.

iPhone 5GS other rumors

According to some other reports, Apple will push off a new cheap iPhone with iPhone 5S, its case is made of plastic, casting the high-resolution retina display. Though the functions have been reduced, the price is quite cheap in the other hand. Maybe it's good news for those who want to experience iPhone but don't want to spend much on it. Whether it will be accepted by market still needs the test of time.

Anyway, though the new generation iPhone is coming nearer and nearer, iPhone 5S will be remaining a mysterious stuff until it comes out at last. Let's wait and see what happens.

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