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iPhone 5 Rumors Before iPhone 5 Release

Sept. 11, 2012 10:20 am / Posted by Andrew Coffe to News
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Sept. 12 - the long-awaited day Apple fans are expecting to finally see the debut of the sixth-generation iPhone- iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple chooses to name its next-gen smart phone) - is only two days away. There are no shortage of iPhone 5 related rumors making the rounds. But talk is cheap, so I tend to put more stock in rumors.

LTE Capability

It was reported that Apple originally wanted LTE in the iPhone 4S, but it had to give up due to the chip's presence need a thicker phone with a larger circuit board and a bigger battery. Now, the new LTE chips are available. Apple may implement radio bands for 4G LTE in the iPhone 5, given iPhone 5 the high-speed network.

Bigger Screen, New Aspect Ratio

The iPhone 4S measures 76.65 mm long and 3.61 inches diagonally, the iPhone 5 stretches those dimensions: The front plate of the new phone measures 90.25 mm long and 4.065 inches across. The iPhone 5's width is identical to all previous-generation iPhones at 51.6 mm, likely for comfort reasons, but that's not what makes it important: The width and the new height of the iPhone combined creates a resolution ratio of about 16:9, which will allow for 1080p HD videos, TV shows and movies to be played in a beautiful wide-screen format.

In-Cell Touch Panels

ETrade Supply examined the differences in thinness between the iPhone 4S and the alleged iPhone 5 prototype. Whereas the iPhone 4S face plate measured exactly 1 mm, the iPhone 5's front plate is 0.1 mm thinner at just 0.9 mm thick. By effectively removing a layer between the multi-touch screen and the LCD display, these in-cell panels far outperform current "on-cell" touch screens.

Lag-Free Multi-Touch Screen

In mid-March, Microsoft engineers unveiled a lag-free touchscreen that responds to the finger's touch in less than one millisecond. This adjustment would make users feel like they're really touching their work, drawing a picture, or handwriting a note.

Crack-Proof Glass

By making the phone's screen significantly thinner, Apple leaves itself much more room to add additional technologies to the glass. The solution for crack-proof glass uses the same alumino silicate glass solution used in the iPhone 4 and 4S (identical to Gorilla Glass), but by treating the glass with potassium and sodium ions, the iPhone's screen is able to achieve greater compression thresholds on the surface and edges of the glass. Apple also included a handy feature that will appeal to everyone who's ever dropped their iPhone: The patent calls for a shock mount to be placed between the glass and the body of the device, which will instantly inflate if the device senses it's falling. If the iPhone's internal accelerometer senses it's falling, an actuator within the device sucks in the cover glass as it accelerates to the ground, protecting it from damage.

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