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Apple Replaces iPhone 5 Screen in-Store for $149

Sept. 11, 2012 10:20 pm / Posted by Andrew Coffe to News
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It is reported that Apple has already begun to offer broken iPhone 5 screen replacements at its retail locations instead of switching out of the broken units for refurbished devices. The iPhone 5 screen replacement is priced at $149 for customers without AppleCare.

The new repair policy has been implemented and the changes also have been confirmed in a forum post from iPhone repair site. From the information of this iPhone repair site, the repairs include the cracked displays and any screens which have the multi-touch problems. But if customers want to recover lost data from a cracked or broken iPhone 5, one of the options is to try iPhone 5 Data Recovery for help.

In fact, this policy of replacement is beneficial to both Apple and the customers for it saves money for both of them.

Apple's original announcement of this policy occurred earlier last month, at which Apple planned that this shift would help to save nearly $1 billion each year for the company since Apple would less rely on swapping out the entire devices for only one faulty component.

As to the customers, the previous price for a refurbished swap out cost them $229, but now under the replacement plan, it brings the process down by $80 and customers without the AppleCare+ warranty now can fix their iPhone 5 at a lower price.

Some resources also reported that the pricing is competitive. The online repair site, Quick iFix, has been driven to adjust its own prices because of the shift. In the previous days, the site would charge $174.99 for the replacement displays, but after the shift occurred, now they have to lower down the price at $139.99.

It is said that the online repair is not the only replacement change that Apple plans to carry out. The in-house individual fixes are also on the list of the schedule to be implemented in July. The in-house fixes include repairs for iPhone cameras, logic boards, sleep/wake buttons, etc.

Apple is also expected to make out a perfectly new AppleCare pricing plan, which would be on a per-customer basis, and cover all devices that a customer has, in contrast to the present AppleCare plan which is sold per device. What's more, the refreshed repair service will offer at least 1 year of support rather than the current 90 days of free iPhone support with a new purchase.

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