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Feb. 24, 2013 10:58 am / Posted by Andrew Coffe to News
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android 5.0 release date

In December 2011, Android 4.0 Ice Cream was announced, followed by 41.1 Jelly Bean in July 2012 and its updated 4.2 version in November, judging from the pattern, it's very likely that we'll see the release of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie at next developer conference-Google IO just like Google announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at 2012's IO conference. With so many rumors going on online, after doing some gathering up, now let's take a peek at what the legendary Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will look like?

Performance profiles:

Seriously, it sucks when the phone or tablet runs out of battery too quickly during a long journey because it lacks an intelligent function of dimming the screen and send you a warn when the battery hits a certain percentage. Wouldn't it be better off for all users if there is a gaming mode, flight mode, an "only app" mode, etc.

A video chat application:

Like most hardware manufacturer do to their phones and tablets, Google also put a front-facing camera on the Nexus 7 with a lack of one common video chat app, wouldn't it be a plus factor if a video chat app is added?

Cross-device support:

For one, Google is very hard work supporting those who own several phones and tablets, however, the users are asking for more! Take the video apps that manage your film downloads through Google Play Store for example, if you are downloading a film on one device, then it needs to be finished on the same unit without the flexibility to transfer from this device to another.

For another, if you are constant SIM swapper, chances are you've lost pretty much of your text messages, Google stores which on the phone rather than the SIM card, so things could be made a lot easier, if our the messages can be backed up to the SIM card or SD card or be synced to a third party server which is available among multiple devices.

Note: If the text messages, photos or videos are somehow deleted accidently, or anything stored in the SD card is lost, go to Card Data Recovery to get back all your deleted, lost files.

A "Never update" option for apps:

If you are tired of being forced to upgrade, hopefully, there will be an option to just stick with a current version of a tool in Android 5.0.

Multi-screen mode:

It's said that with the increasing larger sizes of Android screens, there's more room for split screen mode.

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