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How to Permanently Delete Files/Folders on Mac

Jul. 02, 2015 10:10 am / Posted by Jerry Cook to Data Recovery on Mac
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Are you looking for a good Solution to clean up files on Mac OS permanently before you refigure your Mac? Do you want to erase data completely from Mac in order to protect your privacy? Or you perhaps intend to delete the useless files permanently to free up the space on Mac. Those circumstances often come up to Mac users.

But, do you just really think the data has been cleared from your Mac system after the deletion or emptying the trash? Actually, that operation can only make the deleted files invisible or inaccessible, however, the data is not removed and still existed somewhere in your Mac system. It is recovered yet. If you change your mind after deletion, you can still get the deleted files back by the third party recovery software like Any Data Recovery for Mac.

How to Completely Delete Files on Mac

If you would like to remove files permanently on Mac OS X, it's not tough. Mac OS X has an option which let you delete Mac data completely. All you need to do is just to make the option available and do the work around.

Step 1: Right click the trash bin on Mac, then you'll see two options: Open and Empty Trash.

How to Delete Data on Mac Permanently

Step 2: Now hold command key while leaving context menu as it is. You can see Secure Empty Trash instead of Empty Trash.

Erase Mac Data permanently

Step 3: Click on Secure Empty Trash, and the trash files will be gone forever.

That's it. With the above three steps, you can empty the trash on Mac completely.

Making Secure Empty Trash Default for Mac

Instead, it'll be convenient for you to make your Mac system always use Secure Empty Trash option as a default action on Mac. For that, while you're in the finder:

Step 1: Click on Finder from menu bar and select preferences.

How to Clean Up Mac Files Completely

Step 2: A small window pops up, then you visit Advance tab

Step 3: Tick the Secure Empty Trash check-box

Remove Data from Mac OS Permanently

After that, whenever you right click on the trash bin on Mac OS X, you'll see Secure Empty Trash option. Keep in mind that Secure Empty Trash takes a lot of time in comparison to just emptying trash. But it does remove your files from Mac permanently.

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