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Free Download Files View Pro for Mac 2018

May 16, 2017 9:30 am / Posted by Jerry Cook to Mac Tips
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The File View Pro is a file information fetching app for the Macs that allows you to view various information about the files you have stored on your Mac machine.

Like the Finder app on the Mac, the File View Pro app offers a few features to help you get details about the files available on your Mac. The app lets you see basic information about the files such as the size of the file, file type, when the file was created, when the file was last modified, when the file was last accessed, the name of the owner of the file, the file group, and the permissions the file has (such as reading and writing permissions).

The app is not limited to letting you see the basic details of the files on your Mac but it also goes on to the extent to show you the advanced details of these files. These advanced details include MD4, MD5, SHA, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and RIPEMD160.

Another thing the file shows is the hex header information for your files which you may need sometimes.

Downloading and installing the File View Pro for Mac is as easy as installing any other app with the exception being that it is not available on the Mac App Store. However, that does not mean you cannot install and use the app on your Mac. It is definitely possible and below is how you can do that.

Downloading File View Pro for Mac 2017

file view pro for mac download

Additional Tips: Recovering Files using Mac Data Recovery

While it does not always happen, sometimes we accidentally delete files on our Macs without first creating a backup. In such a situation, you cannot recover the file as it has just been permanently deleted from your Mac - unless you use an app shown below.

With the Any Data Recovery for Mac, you can actually recover the files deleted from your Mac. That means, you can get back the file that you accidentally removed from your Mac.

Download Any Data Recovery Pro Program Now:

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Free Trial
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So, that was how you could view file information using the File View Pro for Mac and then you learned how you could recover deleted files using the Any Data Recovery for Mac app.

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