9 Common Cydia Impactor Errors & Fixes

Cydia Impactor is a GUI tool for jailbreaking your iDevices. We can use Cydia Impactor to set up IPA files on iOS and APK files on Android. There are many issues faced by jailbreakers while re-installing the jailbreak Application to obtain the device in to jailbroken state with the intension to find that they caught up by various Error messages. Here we present the list of Cydia Impactor Issues and how to fix Cydia Impactor error with a short detail and description.

Error 81 / http-win.cpp:158

Error Description: Some of you may understand this that Cydia Impactor is having an SSL Certificate confirmation problem which is resulting in those when installing Cydia Impactor for login IPA Files receiving “http-win.cpp:158” Error Message.

How to fix Error 81 / http-win.cpp:158:  For fixing this error you can simply download the latest version Cydia Impactor and use it.

Error 159 / http-win.cpp:159

Error Description: With Many jailbreak users taking to highlight and throwing up issue of Error 159 / http-win.cpp:159. Many users might be experienced the error 159 while using the tool in Windows OS for jailbreaking or for any other task. This type of error is very difficult to solve but few options are available for fixing this error. How to fix Error 159 / http-win.cpp:159:To fix this error can attempt to use an older version of Cydia Impactor, and trust the device again affecting crossways OSX and Linux, Windows, reboot device and you can also revoke certificates for working properly.

Error 57 / Lockdown error

Error Description: The Error 57 / Lockdown error arises after updating iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to iOS 11 many users face the error message “lockdown error 52” while attempt to sideloading applications from Windows with the help of Cydia Impactor. The error Message Error 57 / Lockdown error or issue on iOS 11 means Impactor is not well-matched yet. How to Fix Error 57 / Lockdown error:To fix this issue try to update latest Version of Cydia Impacter if the problem still persist then Downgrade iOS device to iOS 10.3.3.

Error 133 / http-sox.cpp:133

Error Description: Many users reported this error message when they tried to use Cydia Impactor on Mac then sometimes it shows: http-sox.cpp:133 after entered correct ID and Password of Apple. How to fix Error 133 / http-sox.cpp:133: To fix this error try this actions:

  • Shut Cydia Impactor
  • Launch iTunes then sync device
  • Quit iTunes and Re open Cydia Impactor
  • Attempt yet again to sideload Application

Error 92 / plist.hpp:92:

Error Description: The Error 92 occur when user sideloading the IPA Files to iOS devices through Windows or Mac tool. How to Fix Error 92 / plist.hpp:92:To fix this issue you can attempt to do the following process:

  • Update newest version of Cydia Impactor
  • Revoke all certificates
  • Use Cydia Impactor on MacOS

If Cydia Impactor still Produces the error, then simple choosing the OK choice to allow the problem and after that just persevere through. Then Cydia Impactor will continue to do this thing and will actually install the given IPA to the tool.

Error 42 / Installation error:

Error Description: Many Users are reporting an issue of “cpp 42” errors while you try to jailbreak on iOS 10.0.x. This Error 42 is an installation error and it means you have reached highest unsigned applications permitted and informs that iOS version installed on your device is not well-matched by Cydia Impactor App. How to Fix Error 42 / Installation error:

  • Sideload or install jailbreak for iOS 10-10.1.1
  • Launch the Cydia Impactor
  • Check the time and date is set on your PC is correct.

Error 68 and Error 62/ provision.cpp:62 and cop: 68 Error:

Error Description: When Cydia Impactor is unable to communicate with Apple Server then the Error 68 and Error 62 occurs. How to Fix Error 68 and Error 62/ provision.cpp:62 and cop: 68 Error:To fix this issue please updating Cydia Impactor to the latest version. After installing you should see a popup about to update while open the application.

Error 150/ ipa.cpp 150

Error Description: The most general error many users face in Cydia Impactor is Error 150. This Error means you contain Two step verification and need password created for an application. How to Fix Error 150/ ipa.cpp 150:To fix this error you have to answer the security question asked and clicks continue. After that inside the security section you need to find Specific password for generating the password.

Error 168 / provision.cpp:168

Error Description: This type of error displays ‘provision.cpp: 168’ error and occurs throughout Yalu Installation for iOS 10 and does not describe the issue properly. How to Fix Error 168 / provision.cpp:168:

  • Revoke certificates
  • Use Application specific password
  • Use New Apple ID
  • Use different PC


Hence, we have summarized the common errors with Cydia Impactor as well as how to fix them. If you run into problem during/after jailbreak, I recommend you an iPhone system repair tool – Tenorshare ReiBoot, which can fix various stuck that you may encounter in jailbreaking an iPhone. Also, if you want to remove jailbreak from your device, it can help you recover iPhone system to unjailbreak state without losing data.

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