5 Effective Ways to Fix iPhone Screen Black Issue

"I was using my iPhone 8 when suddenly, the screen went black and I am unable to do anything with the device. I am also receiving calls, the phone is ringing but it can't pick up because of the black screen, it is very irritating. Please, help".

The iPhone screen black but on is one of the most irritating problems any iOS user can face. You will be getting calls but you won't be able to pick up. You literally can't do anything on your device. But not to worry, this article provides you with a few simple fixes to that problem and they are discussed below in details. Let's get started.

1. Force Reboot iPhone

Getting rid of iPhone's Black Screen of Death is not an easy task but you can at least restart the device and watch if your phone gets back to normal. But you won't be able to normally restart the device because of the Black Screen. So, you need to Force Restart the iOS device.

force restart iphone

A simple restart is capable of many things, but if the screen of your device is still black then don't waste time and move on to the next solution.

2. Charge iPhone for a While

If your iPhone has a black screen then it possibly can be a charging problem. The device simply lost power and got turned off, which seemed like a black screen to you. iPhones actually consumes a lot of power, even though the battery is significantly bigger but still, if you don't charge the device properly then it will shut down completely.

So, simply charge the device for a while and see what happens to it. If it powers up, the problem is fixed. If not, then it could be a very serious problem that is related to the iOS. So, follow the next solution.

charge iphone

3. Fix iPhone Black Screen but On without Data Loss

If your iPhone screen black but still works and the above fixes were clearly unable to solve it then you have a very serious thing going on with your device. Probably the iOS got damaged or corrupted and because of that, the iPhone is showing Black Screen. In this situation, your first step should be towards iTunes to restore the device but the problem is that restoring the device will mean erasure of all the data from your iPhone, which is not acceptable.

So, the better option would be to use a capable iOS repair tool that will repair the software without harming the data. Any iOS System Repair will be most fitted software for this work. It is very effective and it does not delete files.

Step 1: Go to the Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) website, then download and install the program on your computer. After that, run the program on your computer and connect the iPhone to the computer using a data cable.

Step 2: Establish the connection and then go to the main interface of Any iOS System Repair and select "Repair Operating System".

fix ios stuck

Step 3: Then, click on "Start Repair" in the following window. Now, you have to "Download" the firmware, follow the steps on the screen to find and download it from the internet.

download firmware package

Step 4: Finally, after downloading the firmware, click "Repair Now" to initiate the procedure.

repair now

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4. Restore iPhone from Recovery mode in iTunes

As mentioned before, you can also fix the problem with the software by restoring the device with iTunes. It is quite effective but it will also erase all the data from the iPhone. So, we recommend making a backup of the iPhone before restoring the device. Here' how to restore the device using iTunes app;

Step 1: Turn your iPhone off and open iTunes on your PC. Now hold the device's Home key before even connecting it to the PC.

Step 2: Let go the Home key once the "Connect to iTunes" message is seen. Your device has entered Recovery Mode successfully. To remove your iPhone out from recovery mode, hold the Sleep/Wake key.

iphones recovery mode restore

Just be very careful about your files, make a backup. Otherwise, this is a very simple procedure and quite an effective one./p>

5. Repair iPhone from Apple Store

Unfortunately, if any of the solutions are not working then, we are pretty sure that you have a defective hardware. So, if the problem is in the hardware then fixing the software won't do you any good. No matter how much you try, the only way to fix is to replace or fix the hardware by professionals.

So, without losing any moment take the device to the nearest Apple Support Centre and show them the problem. The professionals in the Support Centre will fix it but if the warranty on your device has lapsed then you have to pay a certain amount to get it done.


The black screen is a terrible problem; it stops you from doing anything and you won't be able to receive a call even if your iPhone is ringing. But not to worry, as some of the most effective solutions are provided in the article. They are discussed in details for your convenience. If it is a software related problem then there is no better option than Any iOS System Repair (ReiBoot). Sadly, for hardware problems you need to take the device to the Support Centre, there is no other way.

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