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Top 6 Ways to Increase iCloud Data Security and Privacy Protections

Nov. 18, 2014 02:21 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to iCloud Tips
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With the 2nd round leak of nude celebrity photos, Apple iCloud data security issues quickly became the hottest topic among the whole society. People begin to look for measures to increase iCloud data security and privacy. And here I'd like to tell you how to improve iCloud security for all iOS devices including iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5, iPad Air 2/Air, iPad mini 3/2, iPod touch, etc.

How to improve iPhone/iPad/iPod iCloud data security

Whatever your iOS device is, iPhone, iPad or iPod, the following 6 ways prove to be effective to add extra security for iCloud data.

Download iCloud backup to PC

download icloud backup to pc

Just as the saying goes: "keep skeleton in the closet", keeping iCloud data on PC is relatively secure when compared with keeping them in iCloud. Then this is where iPhone Data Recovery steps in, which empowers you to selectively download iCloud backup to PC including photos, notes, voice memos, etc.

Tips: After downloading data from iCloud to PC, deleting iCloud backup would help to increase the safety of iCloud data.

Change iCloud password to a more secure one

This is the most straightforward way to protect your iCloud data from being hacked into. All you need is to access Edit Your Apple ID >> Password and Security >> Change Password.

change icloud password

It's preferable to use at least 14-character-long password which combines numbers, symbols and capitalizations. And if possible, you'd better use different password interchangeably and avoid using the same one all the time.

Enable 2-step verification to login to iCloud

For extra security, you can also activate Apple's double-login feature in iCloud, which requires you to enter an additional verification code aside from Apple username and password before signing to iCloud. And the entire process is illustrated in the picture below.

enable 2 step verification

All you need is to navigate to Edit Your Apple ID >> Password and Security >> Two-Step Verification >> Get started and then just follow the directions to proceed.

Turn off Find My iPhone

Since the feature is considered as the bug to the iCloud security issue, turning the feature off would be a good idea to keep iCloud data in a more secure situation. To achieve this, you need to go to Settings >> iCloud >> Turn off Find My iPhone.

turn off find my iphone

Note: Don't hesitate to turn off Find My iPhone, which helps to find your lost or stolen iPhone, since now you can enable the feature via Apple ID on another Apple device remotely.

Turn off iCloud on iOS devices

Turning off iCloud ensures that your iOS devices are not syncing with iCloud all the time. So go to Settings >> iCloud, login to iCloud and turn off any option that you don't want to sync to iCloud.

turn off icloud

Or you can go to Settings >> iCloud >> Delete Account, which guarantees that iCloud will never back up any iOS data.

Avoid untrusted app

Don't download apps elsewhere except Apple store, especially those with "Untrusted App Developer" tag on.

no untrusted app

Though it's not likely to appear a wide-scale hack of iCloud, you can't be too careful. And if you want to know more about keeping iCloud photos safe, please click here.

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