How to Restore Verizon iPhone Contacts, Notes, Messages from Backup

"I just received my Verizon iPhone 5 -- I've been waiting for a long time for this. When I tried to "restore" the new phone from the backup of my old iPhone 4, iTunes won't show the 4 as an option in the list of backups. Is there a way for me to restore Verizon iPhone 5 from iPhone 4 backup and get all my photos, messages, contacts?"

- diesel , Apple forum

The above situation does not account for all the reasons why people need to restore Verizon iPhone. Still there are people who lost contacts, voice memos, photos and more after upgrade to iOS 6 or jailbreak or, the worst of all, they lost their Verizon iPhone. Losing these important files from iPhone may seem like a catastrophe. However, with advanced programming and professional tools, restore Verizon iPhone is not that hard. In this post I will share with you two different methods to restore Verizon iPhone.

Section 1. Restore Verizon iPhone from iTunes Backup

Most iPhone users have a habit to backup iPhone with iTunes regularly or set iTunes to backup iPhone automatically once you synch Verizon iPhone with iTunes, which is a good habit. And this backup plays a big role in the method I am about to introduce. We could restore Verizon iPhone 5, Verizon iPhone 4S and more with a tool called iTunes Data Recovery. iTunes Data Recovery could scan backup files and retrieve contents of iPhone such as calendar, photos, safari bookmark, contacts, etc. Next we'll come to the steps to restore Version iPhone photos, voice memos, contacts and other files.

Scan Verizon iPhone Backup Files

When you launch iTunes Data Recovery on your computer, in the main interface you will see a backup file list. Once you have your Verizon iPhone backed up or synced with iTunes iPhone 4S backup files, the program will automatically list the backup file. All you need to do is select the one signifying your Verizon iPhone backup file, and then start to restore Verizon iPhone from backup.

Preview Verizon iPhone contacts, messages, pictures and more

As scanning finishes all the files stored on your Verizon iPhone will be displayed on a list. Select the files you need to restore and then click "Recover" to restore Verizon iPhone contacts, notes, photos, call history and more.

Restore Verizon iPhone after jailbreak or upgrade

Now you are just one click away to get all your Verizon iPhone contents. Click "Recover" and choose a folder to save restored files on your computer. As my tests show, this tool works to restore Verizon iPhone if we lose data after jailbreak or upgrade to iOS 6.

How about users running Mac OS? Well, they could restore Verizon iPhone on Mac with iTunes Data Recovery for Mac, the Mac version of this program.

Section 2. Restore Verizon iPhone without Backup

I haven't backed up or synched my Verizon iPhone 5 with iTunes, is it possible to restore Verizon iPhone without backup? Don't worry. There is still one way to help you out. iPhone Data Recovery, an user-friendly tool, enables you to recover contacts, photos, messages, call history, etc. from iPhone, iPad and iPod without iTunes backup files. Want to see how it works?

Connect your Verizon iPhone with your computer and then start iPhone Data Recovery. It is actually easy to restore Verizon iPhone without iTunes backup. And in a blink of eye you will restore Verizon iPhone 5, 4S contacts, photos and all other iPhone files from your iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to Computer

Connect your iPhone with your computer and make it powered on. Click "Start Scan".

Scan and Preview Verizon iPhone Contacts, Pictures, Call History

After scanning, you will get all deleted iPhone files on the interface of the program. You are allowed to preview these files.

Restore Verizon iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS

Finally click "Recover" to restore Verizon iPhone contacts, photos, notes, Safari Bookmark and more. In addition, you could restore Verizon iPhone from AT&T backup using this method.

To prevent data lose for iPhone, make sure you backup Verizon iPhone on your computer. If you have not, the only way to restore Verizon iPhone is to ask iPhone Data Recovery to help you. However this method is workable on the premise that you have your iPhone at hand.

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