How to Restore iPhone Contacts, Photos, Videos in Any Scenario You may Meet

Like any Apple products, the iPhone "just works"as Steve Jobs kept saying this over and over again on stage. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world: iOS is not perfect, and things go wrong. However, luckily there are some great counter-measures and third-party tools to soften the blow.

Scenario 1: Restore iPhone 5/4s/4/3GS from Backup when Lost iPhone Photos and other Files

Losing the data from your iPhone can happen for lots of reasons, including: Repairs that require you to erase all data on phone; or you may have erased the data (by accident or on purpose); or file corruption. Also you may lose iPhone files when upgrade to iOS 8.1/8/7/6. Anyway, losing data from iPhone is never a pleasant experience, but restoring iPhone from backup is fairly simple if you select an easy way. Can you restore iPhone 5s/5/4s/4/3GS from backup or without backup?

iTunes Data Recovery is one of the professional yet easy-to-use programs to restore iPhone photos, contacts, calendar and other files from your iPhone. It enables you to extract unreadable iPhone backup file iTunes makes when you synced your iPhone with iTunes before, and then accomplish iPhone restore from backup. It is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and other versions. If you are Mac users and lost data when upgrade to Mac 10.8, turn to restore iPhone on Mac.

If you have no backup file in hand, you need to turn to another software: iPhone Data Recovery. This iPhone restore software help you retrieve lost contacts, text messages, photos, calendar and more directly from iPhone. No need backup file any longer.

Find the right solution for you and follow the easy steps below to restore iPhone text messages, photos, contacts, etc.

Part I: How to Extract iTunes Backup and Restore iPhone?

Part II: How to Restore iPhone without Backup?

Part I: How to Restore iPhone Contacts, Photos, Messages with Backup File?

Step 1: Select iPhone Backup File to Restore My iPhone

Launch iTunes Data Recovery, the iPhone backup file appears in the main interface, select the one you need (there may be more than one files if you synced several iOS devices before). And then click "Start Scan". Here we take iPhone 5 for an example.

Step 2: Select Lost iPhone 5 Backup Files Such as iPhone Contacts, Photos

All recoverable files on your iPhone will be listed in the next interface: Contacts, call history, messages, notes and photos. Select your desired ones, and choose "Recover".

Step 3: Save Restored iPhone Contacts, Photos, Videos

Specify a folder to save the files you restored from iPhone.

Part II: How to Restore iPhone Data without iPhone Backup?

Have no backup file but need to restore your iPhone? Restore iPhone without backup is easy by following the steps below. It also works to restore iPhone 5 after jailbreak.

Step 1: Scan Deleted iPhone Files

Connect your iPhone with your computer. Click "Start Scan" to scan lost files from iPhone.

Step 3: Select and Restore Deleted iPhone Files

Then all the files on iPhone are shown by category. Choose one category and select the files you need to restore. To check whether you select the right files you need to restore, you can preview them before restore.
Click "Recover" to start to restore deleted files from iPhone and specify a location on your computer to save the restored iPhone files.

Scenario 2: Restore iPhone to Factory Settings when iPhone Stop Working

iPhone display freezing? iPhone doesn't detect by or appear in iTunes? iPhone can't sync with iTunes? Can't make or receive calls, send or receive text messages, or access email or the web? Or worse, iPhone simply won't turn on and does not respond to tap or button press?

If so, you need to restore iPhone to factory settings. It will delete all of the data on it, including any pictures, music, videos, and contacts. It's not guaranteed to fix your problems, but it is your best bet.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

  • Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer
  • Step 2: Turn off your iPhone.
  • Step 3: Hold Power button and Home button together for 10 seconds exactly.
  • Step 4: Release Power button but keep holding Home button until the computer beeps.
  • Step 5: iTunes will be launched automatically. In the iTunes window for the iPhone, go to the "Summary" Tab, click "Restore".
  • Step 6: Follow the prompts, and wait for the full restoration process to complete.

The iPhone will be back to its original factory settings, and all of your data has been synced back to the iPhone.

Or else you could backup iPhone through iCloud and when iPhone stops working you could still manage to restore iPhone from iCloud, and rescue all your photos, contacts, Messages and other important files.

Note: Not really necessary to restore iPhone to the original factory settings? Go to try iTunes Data Recovery to restore iPhone with iTunes Backup. iPhone restore backup will easily help you recover iPhone data including photos, videos, messages, contacts and more for iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and all other iPhones.

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