How to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos, Contacts without Backup

"I lost my iPhone and there are important contacts in my phone. Some of my friends suggest me try iTunes backup, however, without iPhone the backup means nothing to me. To make things worse I reinstalled my Windows recently, which made me lost all the iPhone backup files. I'm not sure if the backup files could still be found. I got to admit I just felt like I could cry. How could I recover deleted iPhone files without backup files?"

Losing iPhone backup files seems to be an ordinary scene in daily life, and one that really drives you crazy. You may lose iPhone backup files when:

  • 1. Accidently delete iPhone backup files(.plist files) in your hard drive.
  • 2. Reinstall your operating system and lose all data including iPhone backup files that stored in hard disk drive C.
  • 3. Upgrade to iOS 7.1/7/6 and then all the iPhone backup files are missing.
  • 4. iPhone is lost, and not sure if iPhone backup file is still in your computer.

Here I offer you two ways to recover deleted iPhone files without backup. The first part teaches you how to recover iPhone backup files even without your iPhone, and with the second method you can recover files on iPhone as long as you have your iPhone, and you don't need iPhone backup files.

Part I. Restore iPhone Backup Files and then Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts, Photos, Notes

When you deleted iPhone backup files( .plist files ) or lost it like what I described at the beginning of this article, you need first find back iPhone backup files with a data recovery program.

Step 1. find back Deleted iPhone Backup Files from Computer hard Drive

Data Recovery Professional is a highly recommended software tool by CNET and millions of users. It is a complete data recovery software tool that can help you recover lost, deleted or formatted iPhone backup files from hard drive C.

  • 1. After download and install Data Recovery Professional, scan your hard drive C (this is the place where your iPhone backup files originally stored) to find files you want to recover.
  • 2. You will see a list of deleted files .plist, .jpg, .mp3 and more. However, they are not readable for the moment. Selected .Plist files. Then click "Recover" to recover all of them to your computer.
  • 3. Select a path to save iPhone backup files. When you finish these 3 steps, you can recover deleted iPhone backup files. As I said, these files are not readable. And then you need iTunes Data Recovery to help you make these files readable and recover deleted iPhone contacts for iPhone 5, iPhone 4 S and more.

Step 2. Recover iPhone Contacts with your find back .plist iTunes Backup files

iTunes Data Recovery is an excellent iPhone data recovery program that can recover lost or deleted contacts, text messages, photos , call history, etc. Once you have iPhone backup files you can recover deleted iPhone files without your iPhone.

  • 1. Select iPhone Backup Files. Since you've changed the location of the backup files after recover them with Data Recovery Professional, you need to select these files that you just recovered manually after launch the program.
  • 2. Preview files you deleted before recovery.
  • 3. Click "Recover" to recover deleted iPhone files , Such as lost contacts, deleted iPhone photos, iPhone notes, iPhone call history, etc.

Data Recovery helps you recover iPhone backup files that you deleted or formatted, however, they are still not readable. And then iTunes Data Recovery is able to make these files readable. Recover these files to readable(Excel files, HTML files) contacts, call history, messages and other files. However, it seems a little complicated to use two tools altogether, is there any other way to do the recovery? An easier way to restore deleted iPhone contacts without backup is to ask help from iPhone Data Recovery.

Part II.Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts directly from iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS

When you failed to update your iPhone but erase all the text messages, contacts, etc., falsely deleted photos or camera roll from iPhone, or lost iPhone data in any other situations; you could always get them back with iPhone Data Recovery. It is easier than ever to find lost photos, contacts, SMS, voice memos, reminders, call history, SMS attachments or even Safari bookmarks. See how to recover deleted data on iPhone without backup.

  • Step 1. Connect iPhone to your computer.
  • Step 2. Click "Start Scan".
  • Step 3. Scan and preview iPhone files.
  • Step 4. Click "Recover" to restore deleted iPhone photos, notes, safri bookmark and more.

In this article, I showed you how to recover deleted iPhone contacts, photos without backup in two ways. As far as I am concerned, it's more efficient to apply the second way to recover deleted iPhone photos without backup, except that you can use the first method even you lost your iPhone.

/ Posted by Jerry Cook to iPhone Data Follow @Jerry Cook