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iPhone 7 Rumors: Release Data, Price and Features

May 26, 2016 07:23 pm / Posted by Jerry Cook to iPhone Topics
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The countdown clock is ticking and iPhone 7 will be coming, which really excites most of iPhone zealots. Presumably you are the one of fans wanting to get know more or less information about iPhone 7. Here are most popular rumours about iPhone 7 already doing the rounds too.

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Rumor1. Prior Release Data

There have been many claims from supply chain sources that iPhone 7 release data will be pushed forward to early summer. Starting with iPhone 4S, Apple had unveiled its latest smartphone in early September and brought the devices to retailer’s shelves just a few weeks later. However, there was no mention of it at March’s iPhone SE release. There is little reason not to expect the iPhone 7 to enter the realms of reality in earlier September 2016.

Rumor2. Higher Prices

Actually there is no official word on the iPhone 7 price yet. Based on reference to previous iPhone price - iPhone 6s without a two-year contract sell up to $649, and the iPhone 6s Plus &749, most iPhones before cost the same, so I predict that Apple will sell the iPhone 7 with a similar price. Now that US carriers don’t offer two-year contacts anymore, you aren’t allowed to buy iPhone for $ 200. You can either pay the entire cost of the iPhone one time, or pay for it in monthly installments using either carrier’s monthly payment plan, or Apples’ own payment plan.

Rumor3. Standard 3.5 mm Headphone Port

The current iPhone already uses noise-canceling technology to drown out ambient sound during phone calls, so that you can hear, and be heard more clearly even in a noisy environment. Also it will allow the iPhone 7 to be thinner than ever, enable a bigger battery cell and probably allow for easier waterproofing. If the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack, it will mean the EarPods Apple includes with the iPhone will need a lightning connector.

iphone 7 head phone

Rumor4. Dual - Lens Camera

As previous reports showed, Apple did secure a patent for a dual-lens camera interface in January. The patent application shows what Apple believes a due-lens camera interface should look like, complete with diagrams and annotations. It should be noted that patent displays a dual-camera system that consisted of one standard wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens capable of capturing zoomed-in video and photos, which means that taking pictures and videos simultaneously and merge images together in unique ways.

iphone 7 camera

Rumor5. Full - HD Screen

Apple has been taking effort to improve its screen. Although the iPhone 6s offers one of the brightest, most vibrant and colour accurate displays on the market, most Apple fans are expecting to hold full HD screen iPhone 7. Early speculation has suggested the iPhone 6S Plus’s 1080p, Full HD panel could be scaled down for the smaller of Apple’s two flagship phones. A feature tipped to have been bestowed on the 6S before sadly missing the cut. Hence, we’d be waiting for iPhone 7 running at a Full-HD screen, 3D Touch-friendly panel.

iphone 7 screen

That’s all everything you need to know about iPhone 7. If you want to know info about iPhone, please visit Any Data Recovery Office Website to get more. Also you are welcomed to leave any problem in the comment section.

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