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How to Get Free Apple iPhone Unlock Code

April 12, 2018 06:35 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to iPhone Data Recovery
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Many people want that new and shiny iPhone. Just look at those long lines outside Apple store on the launch day. The problem is, iPhone is at the highest end of the price point among smartphones, and not everybody can afford buying an iPhone in one payment. That’s why the cellular operators use a smart tactic to meet the demand from this segment.

The operators sell iPhone for a fraction of the real price, and then have the customers pay the rest of the cost as part of the 2-year phone plan contract. Everybody is happy.

But what happens after the contract expires? Customers are legally allowed to switch to other cheaper cell plan from another carrier, but the iPhone is likely still locked to the initial provider.

How do you unlock your iPhone?

Getting Free iPhone Unlock Code

The best, safest, and most recommended method to unlock your iPhone is to bring it to the phone carrier where your iPhone is locked to. If you have no pending settlement, then your carrier would unlock your iPhone for free. In some countries, it’s your law-protects rights. So if the carrier refuses to comply or asks you for an impossible fee, you could bring the matter to justice. But please make sure about the rules and regulations in your area before making any claim.

Getting Help from A Phone Unlocking Service

If you are currently far away and taking your iPhone to your carrier for unlocking is simply out of the question, you could use the help from one of the many phone unlocking service out there.

All that you need is an internet connected computer, iTunes, and active non-blacklisted non-stolen iPhone. No jailbreaking necessary.

third-party unlocking service

But before you make any commitment, shop around. Find the service that is highly recommended and provides a full money back guarantee just in case the unlocking process is failed.

Please check whether your carrier is supported by the particular unlocking service. Also, remember that there’s a fee that you need to pay for the service.

Is Unlocking Breaking iPhone Warranty?

Different with jailbreak solution, which definitely will break your iPhone warranty, unlocking your iPhone using third-party service is done using iTunes by having your iPhone’s IMEI registered as unlocked iPhone with Apple’s servers. Your iPhone’s warranty is unaffected since this is all done through Apple’s servers without modifying your phone’s software in any way.

Not only this solution will keep your warranty intact, but it will also keep your iPhone unlocked status throughout any future iOS upgrades.

Backup Lock

Another type of lock that you might stumble into with your iPhone is the Backup lock to protect your data from the prying eyes of others. Apple provides users with an easy way to backup using iTunes and encrypts it with a password. This secure backup is the only option if you want to save your passwords, payment data, and your other sensitive information.

secure iPhone backup via iTunes

But what if you lost the password? Then it becomes impossible for you to access it. Fortunately, there’s still hope. You can use iPhone Backup Unlocker to get around the problem.

The tool features GPU acceleration, and the cracking speed can be 1000 x faster than regular iTunes backup recovery software. It also offers three methods to 100% ensure you can recover your iTunes backup password.

iphone backup unlocker
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