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Top 3 Tricks to Solve iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6 Crashing Issues

Dec. 24, 2015 12:35 pm / Updated by Jerry Cook to iPhone 6 Topics
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iphone 6 app crashes

"Somehow my iPhone 6 (iOS 10/9) turned black and unresponsive when I tried opening Snapchat. And I'm pretty sure it's not due to low battery. Does anyone know how to fix crashed iPhone 6 after iOS 9 upgrade?"

"Recently Apps are constantly crashing on my iPhone 6 Plus! They just return me to the Home screen each time I'll be using them! Is there any way to solve iPhone 6 Plus that keeps crashing?"

"I saw my iPhone 6 screen turning BLUE and then rebooted itself. It's the first time ever I have seen a BLUE SCREEN on an iPhone!! Well done Apple, you're inching in closer to Windows!"

As you can see from above, a number of iPhone SE/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6 users have been reporting inexplicable crashing (app crashing, red and blue screen crashes) and reboot loop issues that make their iPhone rather frustrating to use. Hence, in the following I'm to share 3 tricks with you to relieve iPhone 6 randomly crashes or freezes.

Trick 1: Deleted Unnecessary Apps

As you may have noticed, crashing issue appears to be affecting more 128GB iPhone 6 Plus users (who have installed a large number of apps) than 16GB users. Therefore, my suggestion is to ensure you iPhone 6 Plus/6 isn't jam-packed with hundreds of apps though they all come with certain utility. And deleting unnecessary apps from time to time is quite useful.

In addition, if crashing issues occur each time you launch an app, then you'd better reinstall the culprit app. In most cases, reinstalling potentially problematic apps is the quickest way to solve such inexplicable app crashing on iPhone 6.

Trick 2: Update iOS via iTunes Rather than OTA

As is known, it's common to get a crashed or frozen iPhone 6 while updating to the latest iOS 9.3 over the air (OTA). Though OTA is much simpler than traditional iOS update through iTunes, the latter is much more accurate and reliable.

If your iPhone 6 encounters reboot failure, you can take advantage of Tenorshare ReiBoot, powerful freeware that not only fixes endless loop of rebooting but guarantees your iPhone 6 to safely enter into or get out of recovery mode without data loss.

Trick 3: Factory Reset

Honestly speaking, factory reset is a common solution to most iPhone problems as resetting the entire setting of iPhone usually brings a fresh start and there's no exception to iPhone 6 Plus/6. Plus that old settings or specific apps might become a huge barrier to iPhone resulting from technical glitches that develop over time. In short, factory reset is worth trying!

But note that factory reset wipes ALL iPhone data! Namely, you would lose all iPhone 6 data if you haven't back it up. In that case, click how to recover data after iPhone 6 crashes for reference.

That's all for your reference. What're you waiting for? Come and follow above 3 tricks to solve iPhone 6 Plus/6 crashing issues.

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