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Get Everything You Want to Know About iPhone 6s/iPhone 7

Sep 2, 2015 04:16 pm / Posted by Jerry Cook to Apple Devices
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Apple’s 2015 iPhone is supposedly scheduled for September 9th, with the phone rumored to launch on September 18th, according to reports. Yet Apple didn’t reveal anything at all about its upcoming new iPhones. Here we round up everything we know about the iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 so far, including color, camera, storage and so on.

Release Date: According to report of BuzzFeed, Apple will release the next iPhone at an event on 9 September. Judging by Apple’s usual timings, this means that the next iPhone will go on sale in the following week on 18 September. However, according to a leaked Vodafone memo, the new iPhone will go on sale on 25 September.

Name: Will the next-generation iPhone be called iPhone 6s or iPhone 7? If Apple sticks to its traditional naming conventions, it is more likely that the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 6s instead of iPhone 7. Then it could be accompanied by iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6c. But one of the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predict that Apple will launch an iPhone 7 in autumn 2015 instead of 6s generation. Part of his reasoning is the contention that Apple will add a significant update feature to the next iPhone: Force Touch. Of course we don’t know what the next iPhone is called until Apple confirms it.

Force Touch: The pressure-sensitive haptic technology knows how light or hard you are pressing or tapping the screen to open up an all-new level of interaction. Force Touch can tell whether you are clicking with your thumb or another finger and auto-adjust to the sensitivity level. It is being used by Apple on its Apple Watch and new MacBook. The Wall Street Journal has claimed that Apple plans to add Force Touch sensors to its next iPhones. What is more, mass production of the Force Touch-enbale phones will kick off in two months.

force touch

Color: A series of mimages that seem to show the 2015 iPhones has been posted on social media. It shows the new iPhone will arrive in a brand new color. Actually this isn’t the first time we’ve heard Apple may add new color to its iPhone lineup. Previous leaks have shown the color is usually referred to rose gold, which is expected to match the rose gold Apple Watch.

rose golden color

Camera: In this digital age when people are getting crazy over selfies, Apple will ensure that you do not have to carry a digital camera any more. According to reports, the new-generation iPhone will have a five-element 12 –megapixel rear camera. The iPhone maker is ordering such components from suppliers and the components are apparently already in mass-production and on schedule.

iphone 7 camera

Storage: With the introduction of higher-quality media files and larger applications, iPhone users over the past few years may note that a 16GB base storage capacity may no longer be large enough for most users. Additionally the majority of Android devices start to make the move to 32 GB of internal storage for the base model. So far Apple has conservatively gone with 3 tires of devices: 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB. While according to Apple’s marketing guru Phil Schiller’s words in interview, new iPhone is likely to ship with no improvement in internal storage for the base model, as it retains the 16GB/64GB/128GB.

Price: Apple tends to keep its pricing the same from year-to-year. So the new iPhone may cost £539 for the 16GB version, £619 for the 64GB version and £699 for the 128GB version respectively. But we are completely clueless whether this pricing include a contract fee or not.

Beyond that, we don’t know much about the iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 yet. Please wait impatiently. If you want to learn more about iPhone Tips, you can click here.

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