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iPhone Stuck in Sign in to iCloud Popup Loop in iOS 10/9/8

Aug 27, 2015 05:43 pm / Posted by Jerry Cook to Apple Devices
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Recently I updated my iPhone 6 from iOS 8.4 to iOS 9, and since then my iPhone has a continuous popup saying “Sign in to iCloud”. Even though I am signed in iCloud, this message keeps popping up every seconds/minutes, which is indeed annoying. Is there any solution to fix iPhone Stuck in Sign in to iCloud popup loop in iOS 10/9/8?

sign in to icloud popup loop

If you are running into the same annoying loop, the sign in to iCloud message keeps popping up. After some investigation, we found that the causes of this loop could be in two situations. The first possible situation occurs after you update your iPhone to iOS 9.3/9.2/9 or iOS 8.4/8/7, and the other situation would have something to do with Wi-Fi connection. Following are the solutions that you can try to stop and get rid of endless Sign in to iCloud popup loop.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in “Sign in to iCloud” Popup Loop in iOS 9/8

Method 1: Hard Reset iPhone and Set Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has been the cause of many problems in iOS. To fix it, please press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home button simultaneously for ten seconds until you see the Apple logo.

When your iPhone boots up it will take a few minutes initialize things before prompting you to enter the iCloud login window. You can go to Settings > Wi-Fi to set your WiFi network before that.

Method 2: Backup iPhone

Hard reset iPhone usually can stop iCloud from asking you repeatedly sign in on iPhone. However, if this still does not help, try the steps below.

iphone backup

Method 3: Restore Your Device

If neither of the aforementioned methods helps, you may have to restore your iPhone as the last resort. The restore will wipe all data and settings in iPhone, and thus you can set up your iPhone start over. Following the onscreen instructions on iPhone to join a Wi-Fi network and sign in your iCloud account. This should stop and resolve the never-ending popup loop of Sign in to iCloud.

reset iphone

Note:: All Photos, Messages, Contacts and other data will be erased after restore, you’d better backup iPhone before performing a factory reset. If you forgot to backup your iPhone, you can use an iPhone data recovery software to get back the lost files after iPhone restore.

When iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID password after updating to iOS 9/8, we hope the three methods can help you get out of the endless loop.

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